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Asking to sign the NDA is common in the USA? Suggestions, please

All I asked for is what your business is all about so I can set up the social media channels for their business. And this is what I got:


Any suggestions on what should I do?
Is it even allowed on Fiverr? I am confused.


No buyer would need you to sign an NDA to give you a basic project brief. I could be opening a new competitor to McDonalds which I want to keep top secret. I could still tell you that I have a fantastic new burger-based fast food franchise concept and give you what you need to complete an order for me.

At the same time, an NDA signed on Fiverr is not practical to enforce. You could supply false contact details. How would your buyer know? Fiverr is prohibited from sharing your personal details without your consent for privacy reasons.

Any reputable/serious business will be more than aware of the above. You also need to be aware that people can use NDAs to phish for personal information and trap people into unacceptable working conditions. The last I was asked to sign stated that if the client ever reversed payment on a completed order, I would not be allowed to identify them or pursue them for damages.

If I was you, I would explain why an NDA signed with any seller on Fiverr is essentially worthless. If your buyer is genuine, they will appreciate the insight and likely choose to work with you. If they are not genuine or are an egomaniac who would be hellish to work for, they will reveal that in a snide reply along the lines of, “your loss.”


Okay. Let’s try your suggestion and see what happens.

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It’s not yet a real business and has no website, in other words, it’s just one of his brilliant ideas he thinks you will copy. I would tell him no, you don’t sign them. He sounds like a problem and unrealistic.

And as cyaxrex said, you are not allowed to give your personal information, nor would it be easily enforced even if you could.

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I have signed NDAs for legal and medical transcription before I receive audio files. These cases make sense to me, as they are handling sensitive matters such as someone’s health. (Most of the transcription I do are appeals for disability). In the case of a waste management company though, I don’t understand why they would need an NDA.


A buyer once told me that I could just sign NDA with my fiverr username and it’ll be fine because he does it with other fiverr sellers all the time. He’s fine with it, his lawyer is fine with it, too.

The project was an ad for his invention (so NDA would technically make sense, I suppose).

I was just so confused. I think I just told him I was confused and that was the end of our communication. :slight_smile:


So, Until now I think she is genuine. She understood my point of view and she is ready to order the gig without me signing the NDA but let’s see what happens. Hope for the best. :heart_eyes:

Yeah, I told the customer about not sending or receiving any sensitive personal information that is not regarding this order. :nerd_face:

In setting up the social media pages, I only need information that will be publicly available on social media platforms. So, in other words, I am not asking for any secret information that would require me to sign the NDA.

Thank you all of you guys for the suggestions and sharing the experience. :v:t5:


Ask the client to send the NDA over. You can sign it digitally. This is how to. Make your signature on a plain sheet, take a very clear picture of it and send the picture to your PC. Open the NDA file and drag the Jpeg format of the picture to the signature space. Of course, make sure the picture is cropped into a small size so that it stays perfectly on the space.

They might want you to sign the NDA just to make sure you don’t share any of the project information until those social media profiles are set. Which is a perfectly valid motivation.

I am constantly signing NDAs, albeit not for waste management businesses or alike. :joy: I do understand why they might want you to sign an NDA - but I also understand the points shared by @cyaxrex. I’d take my decision to sign it or not judging by how they approach me. Might ask for previous background (portfolio, past companies, whatever) if the project sounds fishy.

Either way, since you already chose a way to proceed kindly keep us updated on the outcome! :slight_smile:

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