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Asking to Video editor (Seller) & fiverr senior sellers

Hi There, My question to fiverr video editors and seniors sellers on this platform.

What does this mean as a video editor on my gig?

  • Up to 30 Minutes of Footage Provided
  • Up to 5 Minutes Running Time

Thank you, guys! fiverr video editor gig|412x380


Are you a Video Editor?

I’m a freelance writer.

If someone asked me “What is the average length of a Blog Post?” I’d know the answer.

I’m not picking on you…I’m just a tad suspicious of your question.


Thank you @looseink For your Constructive Criticism. I really like the way you respond to my question :smiley:

  1. Yeah I am learning video editing. And thinking about selling my service when I will feel confident about my skill.

The Question I am pointing to which is “up to 30 Minute footage provided” On the gig Description page.

  • Who will provide the footage? Is that me (seller) Or buyer?
    this thing confuses me the most.

*cause if I am providing " 5 minutes of runtime edited footage, so what is the point of providing extra 30-minute footage again.

I Know it sounds confused. But I hope you get the point.

And yeah I should know about nuts and bolts about video editing if I am gonna sell this as a service. But Currently I am on my learning phase. so I am trying to Research about my confusion.

I am so glad that you respond to this query. I read your other topics on the Fiverr forum (Really really helpful).
Thank you sir :innocent:


Can I ask you what video editor you use? I am a newbie in video editing and want to use a simple software… that’s why I’m asking)

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Unfortunately I don’t use Plex anymore, had plenty of problems with it(( Like the ones you describe here, that the files are not convering don’t show in the galery and so on

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I mean everytime I tried to edit them with a simple software (cause something like resolve is too difficult for me) I failed and the quality of the video was damaged.

Wait, alexbackers and alexbackerz? Why do have 2 forum and 2 Fiverr accounts?

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Good afternoon, I recommend starting to mount in sony vegas.
Personally, I started with it before working in premiere pro.