Asks Source file without Extra order


I always provide high quality work to my buyers! But some time they dont value work but their money…
Many time that happened to me that people only order regular gig and at the end or order they start asking for source files for free…Way to earn fair on fiverr is Extras, but buyers usually threaten sellers to give bad reviews and less stars if we dont do what they want…
I had to pass my source file for free many times…as they says if I dont pass it they’ll put bad reviews…!!
Is this fair ?? I am not sure what to do…
Did anyone face same?


That’s not a kind of buyer I would have as “regular” though…

Never, and I repeat never do that. Once you do it, they will come and keep asking always for it!!!

Screen-shot your conversations and those threats. Open a ticket on Customer Support, because those kind of buyers should not be tolerated!


Thanks for help!
Do fiverr solve if they give bad reviews ?


If you can prove the threats, then Customer Support will definitively help you.
The buyer would also risk having his account restricted, suspended or even canceled.