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Aspects of project management

Good morning :slight_smile: I am new to freelancing and Fiverr, I am curious to know the tasks or activities of project management that can be executed through Fiverr. I also understand that the only way of communication with the clients is through Fiverr platform - messages. Appreciate if you could please provide some guidance on how its done and on the PM activities, thanks

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Hi @eprojectmgr, communication can only be done through Fiverr and as other means of communications with the client can result in suspension or permanent band :nerd_face:

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In Fiverr you have two message systems with an active buyer: a general message thread and a message thread that becomes available when they order. For project management’s sake and to keep a record of activities for an order, it’s best to keep order-related discussions in the order thread.


Thanks for further clarifying how Fiverr messages work. I had understood that the communication is through Fiverr only and know that it is the safer for us too. Your reply helped me to understand that there is a message thread linked with order too. Thank you.

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I noticed that there is something called ‘Live consultation’ when you select service type - help/consulatation while creating a gig. how do we do that?

Can you send a screenshot? I’m not familiar with that function.


Do you mean how do you fulfill that scope of an order, if a buyer were to choose a package that included it?

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yes i guess that is what i meant. how do we have live consultation with the buyers? Thanks :slight_smile:

Other gigs do it with that service beginning with Skyp… It would be okay if it’s required by the gig and you should check with CS first I think to be safe (so you don’t risk warnings) and put it in the gig description I think if you use something like that.

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Thanks, will follow up with CS to understand further. Have a good day.

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Could you also provide some insight on project management activities that can be executed through Fiverr, if you are aware of it, thanks.

There isn’t really that much on Fiverr for it. There’s the dashboard where your orders are shown and the order page (and resolution centre from there) and inbox. Also the milestones feature. That’s more or less it.

Fiverr owns AndCo which might do some of that sort of thing but it’s not for Fiverr orders really.

If you have your own project management software maybe, if allowed by the TOS and any other things relevant (data protection or whatever) and if it’s secure/on your system (and doesn’t require the buyer to log in/access stuff anywhere) and if it would help in orders, maybe you could use that. Maybe you could export stuff from it to show how you are progressing on the buyer’s projects etc. and maybe use that to help you manage your orders.

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Thanks for the further clarification. Good day.

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For consultations I have a live chat in the order chat and at the end I copy and paste the chat and submit that as the order, or as part of it.

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hi there … i noticed you have started your research on fiverr from jan … i just joined and put 2 gigs … do you have any advice to get buyers attention

Apologies for the delayed reply, have been busy with family, covid and have not checked my Fiverr account from some time. I am still new to the environment and learning, my only advice based on what i have understood is to follow the rules and guidelines.

some advice from others in the group i have seen are to research, understand, and reach out to target customers. am yet to learn how to do all those :slight_smile: Good luck for your gigs…