Assistance for a gig or cancel...can you help?


My designer simply can not provide the design he promised. We have corresponded over 30 times. He can’t make a simple jpg or png. I have spend a lot of time and been very patient but he cannot deliver. The resolution center states the gig was delivered. How may I proceed from here toward canceling? I have no choice, he can’t do the job.

I have had very good experiences on Fiverr and received excellent service. Even when 1 gig decided to not take a job we agreed right away and there never was a problem. I do not understand what is happening this time. Please direct me to the correct place for a refund and cancellation. Thank you. Unless someone could assist him. graphic_passion needs to remove the background from the .jpg Is it possible for someone to help him correct and complete the job?

It is not the refund I want but the logo so I can actually use it. Thank you in advance if you can help.



Try to go to resolution center and give the reason for cancellation and request to cancellation. Then you will get the refund excluding service charges. I will able to check your image. Do you need to remove the background of the logo? Otherwise you can ask for the source file if he is dealing with Adobe illustrator like SW(Unless he is using some logo design tools like AAA logo etc.) Then we may able to remove the Background from it or redesign the logo using the image he has sent. If it is too much bad best thing is to cancel the order and move to another seller

Hope this helps.