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Assumtive paynebt taken

Hello, used fiverr a couple of times and was satisfied. But today, 25/10, I am told that the work is done, completion was assumed. However, I was still trying to get revisions done and I am left high and dry as the agent is busy on other projects. I paid for two jobs, got one, 90% complete.

I was told 48 hours that a shopify store would cost £32.19, £80.46 or £160.93, depending on the level I wanted, yet this afternoon, and not answering my questions on what I will get for this, I am now told the price is £200.

I never like leaving card details with a company, especially the ones that assume a job is complete ans then take payment without permission. Now good enough, just not good enough. I have to go and check on what sums might have been taken without my knowledge and/or permission.

If you purchased a gig and the seller turned it in, you had three days to request revisions or changes, or make any complaints. You should have received an automatic email to that effect when they turned in the work. Am I understanding correctly that you did not ask for changes within those three days? While I can understand your frustration, you also have obligations and deadlines as a client - and one of those is keeping an eye on your order and requesting any necessary changes in a timely manner.

If you were quoted £200 on something you feel should cost £160.93, that’s a difference of opinion, and the seller is under no obligation to provide you with your vision/expectation vs. what they’re actually selling. If, however, you purchased a gig where you were told you would get “X, Y, and Z” and you only received “X and Y”, that may be something you can take up with customer service.

Its Sunday here, family things, so I was away from my desk for half a day, that was when fiverr and the artist decided it was a good time to duck and dive and lleave the client high.

On the shopify design it was either a basic design, a standard one or premium, at £32.19, £80.46 or £160.93. Then it became £200.