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Astrologers/Fortune Tellers Beware Of Death Threats!

I have come across malicious competitor’s. Who have sent death threats and very aggressive malicious hateful inbox massages. All to try and scare me off. Beware and do not let these hateful bullies win. They are jealous of real mystic abilities. I am new here and as soon as my first order went through with the best 5 star rating and gracious client flying colors comment about my helpful abilites of accuracy and knowledge. These death threats started to come in for 5 hours non stop telling me to leave etc… Of course they where reported. But I want to be a encouragement to the gifted ones here. Keep the white light over you always from the higher power.Keep helping those who seek your needs. As “No weapon formed against you and yours shall not prosper.” It never has and never will through my magically Romanies Ancestors Bloodline I say
"Blessings Upon You".
-The Charmed One

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I get death threats and I am not psychic.

Kinda sucks. I don’t get any powers, and have to deal with the same crap!

Your “magical Romanies bloodline?” Oh, dear… I’ve got news for you, sweetie: hate mail on Fiverr doesn’t have anything to do with your mystical blood, but people who are either drunk or high and like trolling just to get a response.

Whenever I get hate mail, I just let them talk for as long as they like, report them, and then copy/paste their hate mail onto my blog so everybody can enjoy a good laugh.

And from one reader to another, this rant reads more like self-promotion than anything else, and it’s not a good look for you.

Can you give the link to your blog? Sounds like fun!

It’s against forum rules to post external links, but there’s a link to my YouTube channel on my seller profile (and that has links to my blog.)


You will not get sales here from people as this is not the place for that. These are not buyers.
If you are American Romani I probably know your family.

Wait, a direct ancestor?

Romani ancestors probably would make one a Romani.

Damn, I’ve never had a death threat. Plenty of frothing mouth breathers though.

Actually dear the messages included the competitor’s names and comparing their “real power” to mine. In assay form about “how they will hex me if I font leave etc…” this message is intended for mystics like myself so you confuse self promotion with encouragement and confidence.
Blessings Upon You.
-The Charmed One

I’m referring to “I’m a direct Ancestor of Ancient ROMANIES Magical bloodline” on her profile. Shouldn’t it be a descendant?


Oh please, james…I wonder why you would get hate mail? Maybe if you, let’s say, gave a reading to someone prattling on about their boyfriend’s desire to keep residing with their mother? Interesting thing being, is that his mother had been dead for 7 years already. Ah well, at least you did refund my money. Are you gonna report me for telling the truth (I know that doesn’t really fly around here)? Or better yet, post me on your blog…but that may not be a good look for you :slight_smile:


@emmaki I’m going to get someone to make a whale fall on your head out of the sky in Greece. I will do this because you are a writer and I am a writer and we cannot co-exist on this planet. Go to Mars where your decendants are, you Martian Ancestors do not belong here and you write too well.

Think it would fly if I made a gig offer creative threats for $5?

As a forum admin, people “tell the truth” and tell lies all the time on the forum and sometimes moderators can tell the difference and sometimes not. Truth flies fine on Fiverr in general, although if you have an issue with a seller, it seems to me the better thing to do would be to keep your issue with them out of a public space. Regardless of your statement on truth, harassment isn’t appreciated on on or on the Fiverr forum.

Ranting Pot threads tend to get a little more leeway and it will be up to the entire moderation team to decide on all on the posts in this thread. Also, if you did buy any service on Fiverr and you got a refund, it’s kind of odd to remain obsessed with it to this point. You are welcome to contact Customer Support at any time about any seller and complain in an appropriate manner.

shrugs Doesn’t bother me. I try my best to get a great answer in every reading I do, but you know, not even Michael Jordan ever made 100% of his shots. As before, as always, I’m grateful that you took a chance on my services, but the truth is that I’m not going to be the best reader for every client I meet.

It’s your prerogative to request and receive a refund if you feel like I didn’t connect with your question, but it’s also your prerogative to leave an honest review. You preferred to receive a refund and find another reader to work with, and that’s okay.

As for posting this on my blog, you’d have to do some more cursing and get really creative about it before I thought it was worth sharing with my readers. I try not to take myself too seriously, so I’m always the first person to laugh at myself when I fall down. At any rate, I hope you found a reader who could get a better answer for you than I could. Happy trails!

I heard there was a seller on Fiverr already doing that, but he quit about six months ago. I think he got hired as a full-time speech writer for the Trump-Pence campaign.

Thanks. You owe me a keyboard and some monitor cleaner. I know I shouldn’t drink tea and read certain threads, but you caught me. Also, I bet you could sell a gig right now on “Personal Guide to Relocation to Canada.”