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Astrologers/Fortune Tellers Beware Of Death Threats!


You know I’ve had loads of death threats. In fact, I can’t ever go to some countries or even a Chinese Takeaway without a light going on in my head saying “hey, you fool, you realize that you could be murdered as soon as they realize who you are don’t you?”

In this case, just let a death threat or an insult fly… All you do if you don’t is let someone with twinkies for fingers a world away, revel in rapture at being able to rent headspace with you for a while. In this case, unless they have a claw hammer and are tapping on your bedroom window as you type, let it go.

Also, just out of interest do you know where the Romany people originally came from? I know a lot of people say India, but I’m not completely sold in that. Also, I’ve never asked a real Romany. I did share a passionate kiss with one on the Budapest underground once, but it was a very fleeting relationship.


They originally were from N. India. They have a fascinating culture and in America at
least, their culture is really distinct and separate from the general culture, as far as dowries, education, medicine, role of women and men in the family, etc. Those I know love to travel and an entire large family can pack up and disappear suddenly at any time.
Their flag shows a wagon wheel.