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Who had any genuine luck with any of the physics etc on here? Who are some true Physics with genuine gigs?

I don’t get all of the naysayers on here. This person asked for people who have had what they believe to be a genuine experience with psychics here on Fiverr, not for people who don’t believe in this to come and tell them what to do with their money and talk about why psychics aren’t real, etc… Psychic phenomenon have been recorded throughout history. The American gov. has even done research on the subject. Majority of the psychics who come here on Fiverr believe in what they do, and they have a genuine desire to help others. If you think a psychic should be able to help you win the lotto, then you have the wrong idea. The lottery is very complex and very random; it wouldn’t be easy for even the best mathematician to tell you the exact winning numbers. I wouldn’t trust any psychic who states they can tell me winning lotto numbers. Also, if you think a psychic is just going to be able to tell you what’s going to happen to you just by glancing at you, then you have the wrong idea. You base your ideas of what a psychic is supposed to be from television shows and movies, and that’s simply not accurate at all. Not everyone who claims to have psychic abilities can see the future, and there are a multitude of psychic abilities. I’ve had what I believe to be genuine experiences with a few psychics on here. What they told me was very accurate, and I gave them no information about my current situation. So, if the OP would like to know more about my experiences and who I got a reading from, then they can message me. :slight_smile:

SO true~

I’d rather get honest advice from a statistician, who will lay out realistic odds on this happening to me, or that, depending on if I do this, or that.

I used to joke that I had my car accident “by the books”, because it happened about 3 miles from my house (statistically, most people have car accidents within 5 miles of their homes). And actually, so did the guy who hit me (he was about 2 miles from his home in the opposite direction). Yet my self-proclaimed “psychic” co-worker, who wished me a nice vacation a few days earlier, apparently never got any special insight that I would be out of work for the next 9 months.

I think being successful as a psychic, in terms of money and happy customers, is mainly dependant on their showmanship. Many people make buying decisions with emotion. The psychics are offering something that people desperately want to believe. You can know the future, make someone love you, get bucket loads of cash, solve a difficult problem…easily. Just have someone make a spell or tell you, and in Fiverr’s case it can be had for $5. People want it to be true, and it makes it easier to make them believe - especially when the seller is very charismatic. The stories of the snake oil salesman that used to travel from town to town and made a fortune by selling worthless potions they claimed would cure whatever ails you. It wasn’t quite logical but so many people bought into it because you have the combination - a simple solution that people already want to believe and a seller that is charismatic and understands human nature.

So, even if what you’re offering kind of defies logic - there are other factors that can end up making the seller a financial success. With that said, I think there are things in this world we don’t understand, and I tend to believe EVERYONE is psychic, although in this context my definition of psychic is probably different than most. Instead, what I tend to have more belief in, is the power of your subconscious mind. I think too, if you just have a gut feeling about something, although you can’t easily explain why, it may be your subconscious trying to warn you. Anyway, long rant…:slight_smile:

Personally, I’d just save your money, live your own life.

Reply to @celticmoon: Double by the books because together you’d be within 5 miles of each other’s homes.

I come from a very religious background. After turning 18, I basically turned away from anything even remotely religious. Now I have found my own beliefs and spiritual relationship.

My honest opinion is that some of the psychics and spell conjurers are the real deal. The real question is where do they get their power from and is it something you want attaching itself to you. There are definitely things in the world that can’t be explained. Some things may have a residual, non monetary cost that is higher than $5.

Reply to @laughingcrow: ~lol~ If I wasn’t in ICU hallucinating blue-haired Nazis, I would’ve been playing the lottery, y’know, while the odds were “with” me! (1 Mazda divided-literally-by 1 Hyundai, times less than 5 miles from home, doubled, equals…something!)

Reply to @foxella: Nope. Sorry. I “base my idea” that there is no such thing as psychic phenomena on critical thinking and the scientific method. And I also believe that ignoring the great damage those false beliefs can cause people is equal to abetting those who further them. If someone comes to an open forum and asks about psychics and fortune tellers, I’m glad to tell them that throughout the world and down through history, every single time purveyors of any sort of psychic phenomena are asked to provide simple, undeniable proof in a manner agreeable to both sides, they’ve failed. My favorite challenge is Randi’s Million Dollar challenge, which has been around for many years. Despite thousands of tries, the money remains unclaimed. The terms are very generous, too. Any one can try to prove any kind of paranormal, extrasensory, psychic, whatever phenomena in a test they all agree is fair. The result? No ghosts. No psychics. No dowsers. No mind readers, spell-casters, past-lifers, UFOlogists, no one, has passed their own test and won that million dollars. Plenty of excuses why they couldn’t pass the test, to be sure. And there are dozens of other skeptics and skeptic societies around the world with the same standing challenges.

If someone wants to spend their money on psychics, I can’t stop them. I can only try to educate another person and encourage them not to waste their money. Get a massage. That’ll make them feel better AND has real physiological benefits.

Reply to @celticmoon: The fact is, this person wasn’t asking for any of that. You’re basically bombarding this thread with something the OP isn’t interested in. They didn’t ask for thoughts on whether or not psychics are real. They asked about people’s experiences with psychics here on Fiverr. Now, if you want to start a thread on why you believe there’s no such thing as psychic phenomenon, then feel free to do so. I don’t get why people love to tell others what to believe or what is and isn’t real simply because they think a certain way. Let people believe what they want. They aren’t hurting you or spending your money, so leave it be. There is still much debate on whether or not there are actual true psychics, and in my opinion, there are some out there. I’ve experienced many strange things in my life that have convinced me that there’s more to life than what we can measure in an empirical sense.

I can only hope the OP will reconsider wasting money, time and emotional status by pointing out what most reasonably intelligent people know: there is no such thing. Obviously you want to reinforce her way of thinking. We both have the right to comment as we see fit in a public forum.

foxella said: I've experienced many strange things in my life
Anecdotes are proof of nothing but a good yarn.

I’ve always wondered about this kind of gig when I see it.

With respect to psychics, are there just “real ones” or “fake ones,” or is there a real scale of skill and talent (I mean, like from 1 to 10 or something). Or is it just a something that a person either has or does not.

What people don’t seem to understand is that the word ‘psychic’ is a blanket term, and there are many different types of psychic abilities. Not everyone who claims to be psychic or to have psychic abilities will be able to tell the future. We can’t presume to know everything and claim something is fake without any real substantial evidence to back up that claim. The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence, and people should always keep an open mind as we discover more and more about the world around us and how it functions.

As a psychic, the one thing I can tell you with absolute certainty is that no psychic can claim to be 100% accurate 100% of the time. We come close and a reading should resonate with the recipient, but if you are looking for a frame by frame analysis of exactly what awaits then there is no psychic that will deliver on that. In response to an earlier reply about basing opinions on critical thinking and science, I would like to mention the field of Noetic Science. I certainly don’t believe that most psychics sitting in front of a crystal ball can predict the future and I would be deemed a skeptic by other psychics as I am usually suspicious of anyone claiming to have the ability. However, I have had enough exposure to know that it can’t be argued away. If a psychic claims he will help you win the lotto, you should be suspicious. Psychics should be able to interpret what they “see” but it is always an interpretation and you should look at experience. If a psychic only offers the “bid & buy” type services, you should know that there is a problem. Real psychics usually have a profile that isn’t all that hard to trace and find if you make the effort. Sure, don’t waste money on scams - do your research. But a blanket statement that it is impossible is silly. Science is proving psychic abilities more often now that people are starting to take the scientific study of it seriously. Not all psychics are “airy fairy” and odd. Some of us take it seriously and take time to understand what is happening during the process, rather than dismiss what we don’t understand outright. If you want to claim it doesn’t exist, then prove it doesn’t exist - science gives you the tools to do just that.

Also, a clear sign of something weird is when someone won’t use their real name. But, as I have experienced, people also “copy” real names and within no time at all there are weird reviews out there and people “think” they spoke to someone when a scammer actually got in the way. Mostly, if you are looking for a serious reading, you should go and see someone face to face. That way you know what you are exposing yourself to.

I don’t believe in psychics, they doesn’t exist. A Genius person can really give solid information about you by KEENLY OBSERVING your appearance and gestures but no one can communicate you with the dead ones. You should watch THE MENTALIST,it’s my favorite season and will clears your some points about the psychics :slight_smile:

You are very wise to adopt this approach. I’ve had epilepsy since being 15 and have had what I feel/know to be some very intense spiritual experiences. Of course, a strictly ‘rational’ perspective would say that my experiences have been due to medication and some simple bad wiring in my brain but… Well, I know what I have experienced and those experiences have led me to be very guarded when it comes to messing with the supernatural. In my opinion, some people do tap into certain so-called other forces and energies but very few actually know who or what they are actually communicating with.

I just had a reading from a psychic on here who was so accurate. I told him zero about myself and he delivered a voice recording which was truly astounding. Things no one knows he got right without any input from me.

I am the Great Gambini aka R3K0D3D I see all, let me foretell your future but first you must buy 5 of my gigs, then and only then can I give you an accurate detailed foreseeable future!