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At bottom of my gigs are other seller's gigs being advertised?

At the bottom of all my gigs it says “People who bought this gig also bought…” and it shows other peoples gigs. :open_mouth:

I’m sure this is true for everyone but it seems odd to me, like it’s saying hey don’t get this gig, get one of these others instead.

Not again! Why, Why, why!!

It’s a way that they can provide more exposure for gigs. The new platform has the top rated and recommended gigs, and most of the other gigs show up in the more results tab, but really how many people sift through the more results to find your gig which may be on page 5? They really need to figure out a method in which more gigs show up, but I’m not sure if this is the best route to go

Worst feature ever.

It actually is not even accurate. I have a gig which has a grand total of 0 orders. Beneath it says “people who ordered this also ordered…”

Maybe that’s why it has 0 orders :-?

misscrystal said:
  • Maybe that's why it has 0 orders :-?

Well, it is a fairly niche gig and I only put it up thirty minutes before that comment! It has an order now though...yay!

Yes, I noticed this yesterday, and I think I’m going to post a complaint to CS and the Fiverr FB page. Maybe if enough people complain, this feature will go the way of the “orange light”.

ryangillam said: Worst feature ever.

I agree.

Hmmm. In addition to showing some same category competitors’ works, it shows some of my own…to me.

I liked the orange buttons, BTW.

Reply to @ricksper: ~lol~ From the weeping and moaning on the forums, I’d say you were in the minority about that one!

AHH not this again! This happened a few months ago and it was a disaster.

I feel this will hurt all sales. Someone is making a purchase decision on your gig and gets taken away from your gig page…I think buyers will just become distracted and confused, and end up buying nothing.

I see this other thread and people complaining about a sudden drop off in sales …

Maybe this is the reason. Started about the same time.

Please fiverr take other people’s gig off the bottom of my gig? I am sending links to my gigs to people who are interested in purchasing them. I would prefer they not be also getting chances to buy my competitors gigs right there on my gig page.

worst ever now they appear before above reviews,

they are experimenting,

I wonder how this will effect my sales, ???

As a comparison to Amazon, Amazon doesn’t take someone away from a purchase page in the same way this does. Amazon is set up to show people additional things from a sales page to people who are just browsing but the page is set up so that it will not stop someone from buying. This stops people. It’s incredibly bad. The ads are big, there are 8 of them right in the middle of my gig. Someone is interested in my gig enough to be looking at the feedback and instead are hit with 8 other large gigs.

I agree.

This is the worst feature fiverr added.

I think we should all email them and complain about that, it might change something.

I just did.

They’re trying to model it off of Amazon’s structure which works well. It probably helps to increase impulse buys so I doubt it will be gotten rid of despite how many people might want it to be gone.

This is horrible! It’s not even well made: I checked a couple of the gigs under my translation gig and none of my buyers appear to have bought those. What are the chances of a buyer who is on my page to see something that catches his attention and decides to buy it? Slim. How about if it’s RIGHT UNDER MY GIG? Pretty big!

Worst. Feature. Eveeer.

I just wrote to customer support about it. I feel it is responsible for decreasing sales. What’s next, showing my competitors gigs just before they hit the buy button?

“Wait, don’t buy this gig! Buy one of these similar ones instead!”