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At least 90% positive rating to make new offers!

You must have at least 90% positive rating to make new offers! how to fix this problem because i cant send buyer request

You can fix this problem, by earning more positive reviews that raise your total positive rating above 90%. :wink:


Try to get more views from outsides to your Fiverr gig and make more sales. Then your positive rating will be increase and you can make offers again.

you need to get some orders from marketing your GIG on social media

If you type “90% rating” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which may be helpful to you.


Hello” I am a new seller on fiver I have 34 positive ratings and then one day I have get 1 stat review from a customer, My work was perfect but he didn’t see the PNG file so he gave me 1 star review but I have sent him a modification for changing his review! He have expected it and in modification he gave me 4.7 stqr review but I am shocked that 1 star review which was currently changed in 4.7 review is still attached with my profile! Please someone tell me why it happened. My overall rating is 4.9 star now but in the Fiverr app my overall rating is 4.6 star.

4.6 star rating is Also on my dashboard😉

You might try logging out and logging back in.
Sometimes it takes this to update the stats.

What an informative answer. Which No one was know😜

Anyway i can’t fix it , its very competition here , very difficult to get an order even people are experience with their jobs

i really dont like some fiverr policies

Same issue with me.but I am having 5.0 rating on my dashboard.
How to fix this.

How can i make more sale when I can’t make new offers in the first place?

How can I do this when I can’t even bargain for jobs in the first place?

You can take the time to market and promote your gigs to bring in your own customers. It is unwise to expect someone else to do all the hard work connecting you to your target customers. YOU know who you are trying to sell your services to. Go out, find those people, and convince them to hire you.