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At what point do I have to declare earnings?


Hello everyone,

As I’m new to Fiverr I was wondering something regarding my Fiverr earnings.
As we all know, we have to declare our earnings on the taxing forms in our own countries.
But at what point does the Fiverr earned money become truly earned money?

  1. Is it the moment when the money becomes available on my Fiverr account?
  2. Is it the moment when I transfer the money to my PayPal?
  3. Or is it the moment when I transfer the money from PayPal to my bank account?

So hypothetically speaking if case 3 is true, can I declare that I earned the money during summer when I transfer the money from PayPal to my bank account in the summer, and then prove it with the bank notification of the PayPal transfer?

Thank you for your time!



That’s a bit tricky with the wording used. Though I’m certain that as soon as the funds are released to your fiverr account it is seen as earnings. Being seen as truly earned money will vary depending on who you speak with.

It’s not about when the money is transferred to your account but on when it is actually earned.


You must ask this question to the tax services in your own country.
Each country has different rules about earnings.


It’s when you transfer it to Paypal.

Then you are taking a payment.