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At what seller level do orders start to Pile up?


Hi guys
I only started actively pushing my fiverr gigs outside fiverr 3 weeks ago (1st January 2018). I have gotten over 8 orders since then and made almost $400. Still on leve “new seller” tho. What does it feel like to be a level one seller? Do orders start rolling in more frequently? Or do I still have to network as much outside fiverr to get new clients to check out my fiverr?


No level can give the guarantee of sales piling up. Not even TRS. It depends on a lot of things, such as the niche, the offer and the demand, ability to convert buyers into regulars, etc.

I’ve heard, however, that Fiverr used to boost non-level sellers and give them some orders to reach L1 faster, and once there the sales would slow down, but that could be a myth :eyes:

Someone wise told me today “business brings business” - so if you can get clients yourself to Fiverr, why wouldn’t you? the more, the merrier :slight_smile:


You’ll still have to “hustle to get new clients to check our [your] Fiverr”. I have been informed – directly by Customer Support – that seller levels have no effect on your sales. None whatsoever. They are just reputation levels, to help buyers know which sellers are of high level on this site. You have the same sales potential (with hard work) no matter what seller level you have.


As a level one seller I can tell you the orders do not “roll” in. I still get about half my orders from Buyer Requests. It has taken 6 months to get repeat buyers.


I’m a TRS, but that doesn’t guarantee any "piles."
I do get bombarded with orders at times and I struggle to get through that huge pile and at one point you start praying and hoping it will stop…and boom, you get your dry-up period.
I haven’t gotten an order for 4 days, it’s too early to call it a dry-up period, but this can either go on for a few more days, or the orders start piling up again. Who knows, that’s just the way it is. :slight_smile:


You’re right. They used to do that and as I remember they used to call it “extra exposure”.


That’s right. There was a month when I was like “I am done, can’t handle the pressure & stress anymore” and there was also a month when I was like “I am ready for that pressure and stress”