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At what time Fiverr evaluation (15 May 2021) will take place in Pakistan?

HI Guys !
Its 11:15 am in Pakistan. And GMT is 6:15 am.
Do you know when the Fiverr evaluation will take place according to Pakistan Standard Time (PST)?

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I have the same querry

There is no specific time. It happens throughout 24 hours window


I’ve listen from someone that it will be at 2:00pm

I think it takes 12hours after 00:00GMT.

Then why are you asking if you already “think” so?

It takes whatever it takes. Some accounts get evaluated only on 16th or even 17th of a month.


Listen, I faced weird situation, and I am wondering if I would be able to promoted to level 1 by satisfying all the conditions once again. So, my story is, back in Jan 2021, I was downgraded to basic level from level 1, it was from my apart, I accept it. But, now I am wondering, I have fulfilled all the conditions again, so I am worried I will be promoted again or not? Any one knows the answer?

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That’s weird. Can you tell me how much it goes at it worst?

Yes, at the next evaluation. If you meet all the requirements.

Evaluation happened 0230ish for me.

My performance was refreshed around 0130ish and then :tada:

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Thanks for your response.

what do you mean by ish?


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:relaxed: Sounds Good. Awesome

I am desperately waiting for next evaluation.

Great. All the best.

Soooo… did it happen?

How about now.


It is the right answer.
If you are suppose to be top rated seller it can be done on 16th.
All review done on completed task before 15th of each month, 00:00 GMT


yes, it did on the same day. But I forgot to visit here again.

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