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ATM shutdown let's cry!


So finally we are also affected by wanna cry and to be on safe side, government is shutting down ATMs for few days and people are requested to not do online transactions.


Sad for ya, bro! I just returned from ATM with some Fiverr cash on my hand. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow I’ve started spending my fiverr balance on fiverr itself lol.


No spending = more saving! :moneybag: :grinning:


Overreaction hain. Kya Modiji. [Or maybe government knows something we don’t, so makes sense.]


Who knows may be. Let’s hope for the best.


That malware has shut down hospitals and all kinds of things.
What I read on PCWorld said it arrives in an email that pretends to be notice of a large withdrawal from your bank but it now has copycat malware that is slightly different.


Yes I received a message saying not to open any suspicious email attachments.