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Attach specific example to Buyer requests

Hallo, Good People!

Recently I’ve noticed several different buyers asking for specific samples or examples of particular style/technique to be attached to a proposal. Some even ask for “show me how you would do this.” My question: how do I do this, please?

I may have something similar to the request in another portfolio, not in any of my current gigs. So, how can I send specific examples, or even a quick rough layout idea to these buyers?

Many thanks!


Hey @supervan65 I had the same where the buyer asked me for the sample of my work. I highlighted key things regarding the task and the approach I was going to use in handling the task. I end up working for the buyer after that but I know the approach could vary depending on the requirement of the buyers.


Many thanks!

So, is there no way to reply to that client with samples/roughs?

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From the Buyer request section, you can’t attached the same but you convince the buyer as you send you offer that you can handle the task accordingly as you highlight the approach you will take or speak of your expertise in the same. Who on initiating the conversation by contacting you, you can then send the attachment of the sample.

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Thanks Myke,

Unfortunately, many buyers insist they will only look at/read a proposal if it has the required examples attached. It would be great if there were a “attach file” option within the reply/propose to buyer. Not just the “attach gig” option.

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You’re welcome. But let us hope that option could be included in the future @supervan65.