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Attached files missing on desktop

I had a client who made an order, she mentioned that she attached 3 files. On the mobile app I can see 2 of them, on the desktop I can only see 1.

This is not the first time this happened to me. I very often find clients mention a number of files but can’t see them or find some on mobile but not on desktop. Fiverr please fix this.

Have you contactd CS to make them aware of this issue?

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No, are we supposed to report bugs in this forum or to CS?

Though there’s a “report a bug” option on the forum, to make sure CS see the problem it’s best to report it in a support ticket. Reporting the bug on the forum could be useful to see if other sellers are having the same problem or to check if it really is a bug, but CS may not see it or pass it on to the developers if it isn’t reported in a support ticket.

I’ll report it to CS then. Hope they fix it.

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I’m experiencing the same bugs.

hey!! @toutou123 Can you please tell me how to fix this issue on desktop? I am facing the same issue from one week. I am not able to see all the attached files on desktop view. Did you contact to CS regarding your issue and did it get resolved?