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Attachments don't show

Hello everyone.
For the last few days attachments of bigger size don’t show up for me and some of my buyers.
I had an order recently where buyer tried to send me a zip file of ~700Mb (so it was within limitations for files), I got a notification about them filling in the requirements and timer started ticking, but it was empty. Requirements are mandatory, so I know there was no mistake on their part.
I tried different browsers and devices, same story everywhere. Except on the app there was a non-interactable sign “attachment”.
Here’s how it looks on desktop:

I thought maybe it takes some time to process or files are being scanned for viruses. Or maybe buyer hit submit before it finished uploading. But it was a large order with extra fast delivery purchased on top, so I couldn’t wait for a resolution and just asked the buyer to use dropbox.

Next day I tried to deliver the results and attached 3 zip files about 700Mb each and 5 jpegs as a preview. This time I was 100% certain files finished uploading, since I did it myself. However on buyer’s side only the 5 jpegs were visible.
It’s not the first time I deliver via zip/rar files, but this never happened before.

Same experience, anyone? Is this an old bug that happens once in a blue moon or is it possible it has something to do with site’s recent changes and should be reported?
This time situation was resolved just fine and only cost me a couple of new grey hairs, but I’m afraid this can end badly, if a buyer places a large order with 24h delivery without prior communication when I’m asleep or otherwise unavailable.

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I don’t work with files of that size, but I do remember others complaining that large files simply didn’t go through, and it’s been like that ever since I’ve joined Fiverr (about 6 years ago).

On a rare occasion, it happens even with small text files.

If I remember correctly, CS usually just advises to use DropBox, but you can try reporting it anyway. If enough people report it, maybe they’ll do something about it, especially if they want to be more than a fun site.


If you’re not waiting a few seconds after they’ve all uploaded before clicking “deliver” I’d try that as it might make it less likely they’d go missing.

But I’d also use dropbox for bigger files if possible (eg. anything over 100 MB). eg. a lower res version attached and the high res one on dropbox.

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