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Attachments in the messages are not visible

This week (last couple of days) I have noticed that the attachments which have sent using messages are not visible.

So i cant download them for doing the work

Did anyone have that problem ??

Yes, I am facing exact same problem and already started a ticket regarding this on fiverr support page.

still i am facing it :frowning:

please contact with fiverr support

Did you solve that issue ?

Same problem here…still not solved…told me to clear cache and cookies…but that didn’t work…tried on 2 browsers.

I had the very same problem in the past weeks, but it’s been solved for what I was told.
If you’re still experiencing the problem, report it to Customer Support.

Ive been experiencing the same problem but not as for my sent attachments only, it happened to the received attachment too. I suppose it was a temporary problem, because this happened sometimes but not constatly.

If I will experience it again i will for sure report it. Manwhile i just ask my customer a confirm if they see any files just to be sure they have not problem on receiving their product!!

Thank you

Reply to @dhanur88: Not solved yet. Contacted support today!