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Attachments via inbox


Hi there

I have a question as I’m new to the platform. A buyer has personally messaged me via the Fivver inbox. He has attached a document with the specifications - is it safe/secure to open? Or is there another method that the buyer should attach documents (i.e. not via the fivver inbox)?

Any guidance would be appreciated


Hello ingadavids,

First off, I really like that you came over to the forum instead of just opening the attachments and then creating a rant post on the forum later on saying you’ve had a bad experience on Fiverr. :blush:

It is fine if the buyer sent you some files via the inbox. However, please don’t start working on any attachments the buyer sends via your inbox until they actually place an order with you. You will get a notification (and even an e-mail specifically saying you’ve received a new order from xyz buyer) if/when that happens.

The first thing I do before opening any attachment is to see the file extension. Is it an extension you recognize and does it make sense for that particular file to have that extension (be particularly weary of files that have a .exe extension as they could potentially be malicious).

The next step would be to run the file through a really good/standard, updated antivirus software. I only open the file after I’ve gone through all these steps. :slight_smile:

No, I can’t think of any other way for the buyer to send you files when they don’t have an active order with you. If the buyer has an active order with you, they can also attach files via the order page. The only other way a buyer can attach a file (other than your inbox and the order page — in case you have an active order with them) is through a buyer request.

I hope this answers your questions.


Thank you for the detailed helpful response! :white_flower:


First check file format…
If the file is in txt or jpg or pdf then ok…
Never open .exe or .vbs file its malware


I’ve made it my personal policy to never open a file attachment unless it’s in an actual order, partly to cover myself in the event that there is something malicious about the file or something sketchy about its contents, but more so because reviewing a file requires my time, expertise and organization. I don’t give that away for free.

An extra file also takes up my storage and means I have even more content to manage on my computer. If I did that regularly for clients it would be a huge, unwelcome mess from a project and content management standpoint. So to be fair to everyone and consistent and efficient in my practices, I just don’t open file attachments that aren’t in orders. My clients know that and we work within that quite easily. If they send me a link, I do open those within reason, although of course they could be malicious, too.

The seller can and should be able to share the information they need to share prior to ordering without requiring you to open an attachment. There are lots of ways to avoid sending someone an attachment.