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Attempting a new way to Market?


Hey all,

I’m just starting out on Fiverr. I’m still below level 1, but I’m really enjoying the website. I’m attempting to drive more traffic to my gigs by offering a “sale” today. I’ve got the day off, but I’m ready to make a few bucks on fiverr, so I’ve lowered my delivery time to 1 day and changed my title to read:

"I will create a Whiteboard Animation ///TODAY only 12hr delivery for $5"


Has anyone else tried this, or does anyone have any tips to boost sales for a day or two?

I’m hoping this will drive sales. I will be reporting back later tonight to let you know how it went.



Rob -

By its nature, Express Gigs get that nice colored tag that attracts more attention on the list of gigs. If you’re willing to keep it that way for a while, then you may see a jump in interest. Good luck!


Just sold 2 gigs and delivered in an hour. I was messaging back and forth with the customer just before I decided to create the express gig. So, I don’t know if this really counts towards an increased number of sales due to the “Sale”.


Hey Rob, I actually started a forum post asking experienced sellers to offer new sellers some tips. Check it out at

Like @thetravelwriter said, once your gig becomes an express gig, you will see more sales as express gigs have a section all their own.

Good luck and keep working hard on Fiverr. You’ll get there sooner than you will think.



Very cool.

I didn’t get any other sales beyond the 2 that I got. I do imagine that keeping the express gig tag on your gig for a while would definitely help.

I checked out that thread and I did find some nice tips. Thanks!



So, I think I’ve figured out a way for this to work.

I recently received a large order for multiple gigs. I made sure to update my gig to 1 day delivery and update my title to include "TODAY only / 12hr delivery"

When I finished the large order, and was given positive reviews (10 of them), I believe my gig jumps up higher in the search queue. Now, that my gig has jumped up higher, I’ve been getting orders fairly steadily now.

I’ve received 1 an hour for the past few hours.

I will update you guys when the day is done.


Very nice. Congrats!


Reply to @triple_rrr: That’s great news! Thanks for keeping us updated! :slight_smile:


The initial boost to sales happened right away.

I got 3 orders in about 3 hours. I have been averaging only about 1 a day. So, there was a bump, but it didn’t seem to last.

I’m going to keep it at 12Hr Delivery for a while and see how it goes.


I was doing really well, with at least one ordr every few days now i haven’t had any in about aweek frusrtrating!


The express gig is seriously nerve-wracking! The countdown is looks foreboding lol.


The express gig is definitely nerve-wracking. But it helps to keep me busy!

I’m starting to pick up some serious steam.

I’ve gotten an average of 8 orders a day since I’ve changed it to 12 hour delivery.

Most of my sales come from sellers ordering multiple gigs.

I’ve started to include a pdf document with links to my other gigs and a link to a Tips gig. We’ll see if anyone bites.