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Attempts Limit Reached

Hi there Everybody

i wanted to add my bank account for that i had to verify my identity by SMS or call i got the Verification code on my mobile but somehow i did not succeed in any of 5 attempts when i tried for 6th time i got this pop up message (Unfortunately, you’ve got no verification attempts left for now. Please try again within 24h)
Can anyone please help with this matter.



Have you found any solution? I am having same problem.

Hi salujabaidar yes all I did was wait for a day to pass and then i was enabled to add my bank account.


Thank you for replying. I waited for another day and then i get the same problem. I never received the code.

May be the phone number attached with your account is not active or verified. Change the number and try again. If it does not work then customer support service can help you with this matter. They really helped me Everytime I submitted my request

Actually i was trying to add paypal as a withdraw method. they send the code in my phone but code never appeared. But then i tried with verify by call, i got a call…from call how can i get verification code. can you please help if you know. I have contacted cs but no reply.

A lady will tell you the code during the phone call note it down and write the code on the website and confirm it.

oh… i never picked the call. Thank you so much. I will try this.

Wish you best of luck.

Thank you so much!!!