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Attendance and clicks on my GIGs plummeted

Hello. I am relatively new to Fiverr. But I have already managed to make a small number of orders with positive reviews. Not so long ago, since the beginning of the month, my GIGs dropped very much in views. From 700 per day to 2-3. I wanted to ask the guardians of this platform how normal this is. I know a lot of people are talking about Fiverr 3.0 right now. Does anyone else have this problem and how did you solve it?


It’s called Gig Rotation.

Do a search for it in the Forum Home Page Search window to learn more.

It turns out, no matter how well I work, there will come a time (rotation) when I start receiving fewer orders. Or I will not be visible to the client at all. I wonder how long my GIGs will continue to fall)

Again, that’s Gig rotation.

If we knew how long the rotation was, there would be Sellers trying to game the system.


Your turn will come back.

I understand that it takes time. But I don’t really want to sit without work.
Are you with a lot of experience on Fiverr tell me how often you drop your GIGs?

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You are not going to like my answer.

I use Fiverr as just ONE SOURCE OF INCOME.

I get maybe 30% of my income from Fiverr.

The rest comes from non-Fiverr sources including a couple of freelance contracts I’ve had in place for several years.

I’ve been freelancing since 2014.

I’ve been doing it full-time since 2016.

It took time to get established.

I never thought I would be freelancing full-time as I owned a business (I’m in the media industry) that I thought I was going to retire with, but that didn’t quite happen.

So, for me, clicks, impressions, gig rotations, ranking all mean absolutely nothing to me.

I get work weekly from my combined sources.


True! I have been doing freelancing since 2015, In this time period, one thing becomes crystal clear to me

We can’t treat a Fiverr like a primary source of income. It’s always good to have more than one source of income