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ATTENSION : Fiverr is killing sellers ! No revenue on completed order!


You might think that I am mad - what am I saying …!

But you’ve read totally right … Let me describe …

I am a7freelancer,

I’ve done one of the web design order in $25 … And I’ve successfully completed that order with 5 star review …

But some days ago, that buyer again contacted me for discussion of second order … and she said that am I paid for previous order or not !?! , Because she was not paid for previous $25 order.

While my order page showed me that “ORDER COMPLETED. YOU EARNED $20” (screenshot attached)

I’ve checked my all revenues 2 times, but I can’t find that particular $20 of that order :frowning:

That buyer and I’ve submitted an request to fiverr support team many days ago - but fiverr support team is not responding at all …

Link :

What should I do, Should I forget my 20$ !?!

Fiverr have totally broke my trust :frowning:

And I am also suggesting all of you to check your revenues …

Thank you

Fiverr Customer Support


Reply to @madmoo: He said he had a five star review, so the order was likely completed.

@a7freelancer: If you go to your sales page, go to Revenue. Click the word “Pending Clearance”. Can you find the order there? The order is 25$, Fiverr keeps 20% so you should receive 20$ total. It will take about 14 days for the money to clear after the order has been marked “Complete”.

If not, make sure to give Customer Support a week or so to look into it, they are very busy. But if it takes longer than 2 weeks, contact them again. Let them know it takes that long.


Hi Madmoo, thanks for your reply …


> July 21, 2014 - she ordered me a gig

> July 29, 2014 - I delivered the order

> July 29, 2014 - on the same day I received message of “ORDER COMPLETED. YOU EARNED $20” as she marked as complete and made a review on order

But she is not charged for that order


I can’t find that order and it’s $20 in my revenues tab …

review screenshot is attached …



Did you looked on “cleared” revenue around 11-13 August?



Hi, I’ve checked all $20 gigs in revenues manually - still can’t find that order …




Yes, I’ve checked it … but can’t find that order and it’s $20 …


even canceled one?



That order was successfully completed with full rating …

And I’ve also got the message : "ORDER COMPLETED. YOU EARNED $20"

Screenshots are attached in above posts …


I know, but it can be canceled by support (I think), and I am not sure if there will be showed anywhere else… Thats why I asked if you looked on canceled revenues.

Maybe it is just a bug, and not showing. I think support can looked directly on order and revenue, and they will say if something is wrong or not.

Also if buyer said about that she didnt get paid from that order, maybe that buyer is using something fake, and support didnt saw that yet and buyer didnt got banned.

Just wait till support answer your question. It takes awhile. Sometimes more then 10 days…



The buyer is certified and she is also level 2 fiverr seller …

I am agree with you that this is a bug (or mistake of fiverr) …

I’ll wait for some more days for fiverr support reply, as you said that it can take more than 10 days …

Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank you all, for all replies …

Be safe …




Its ok if buyer is certified. Then its a bug. Good thing that you noticed this tho.

As I can see, every part of fiverr has bugs, only 20% of taking money from order is always working lol


hahaha … totally right …!

There will be no bug in “20% commission system” … :))


Reply to @a7freelancer: Everything would be broken, but 20% will work perfectly lol