ATTENTION ALL LEGIT BUYERS! Pro-Grade Freelance LOGO and Business Card Designer


Need a dedicated GFX artist?

Hello there!
Its no secret that I’m right there along with all of the other ‘newly developed’ freelance Graphic designers that are trying to gain notoriety and trust between buyers and sellers. I am 18 and currently homeless, so I thought it a good idea to put my skills towards a means of getting money at the end of the day. That being said, It is not my intention to instill pity for a quick buck.
I would like to offer my intermediate skills in graphic design, in the hopes that I can pursue a life-long aspiration to become a SUCCESSFUL freelance GFX designer. I can only assume I am not the only one. My overall reasoning for creating this thread is to put myself out there to anyone who is serious about hiring a dedicated GFX artist.

My specialties consist of a fluent grasp on most, if not all Adobe photo editing software. I believe I possess a very unique - but versatile, style of art. My most prominent gigs that I have put most of my time into, offer; Logo and web-banner design, as well as animated logos/banners. If you happen to own a business & are currently on the look out for a legit. Dedicated business card designer. I urge you to consider me for hire.

I aim to please the buyers who decide to give me a chance to show my worth and get my work out to the public. I believe I have great potential, and any/all of the work I release is well thought out, organized and pleasing to the eye. I guarantee smooth sailing and 100% client satisfaction, or your money back. If not, immediate revisions are guaranteed.
If you took the time to read to here. I hope that if you are looking for any services GFX related, that you would greatly consider hiring me for whatever it is you may need. Logos, banners, business cards, web emblems, or even hand-drawn work. All I can handle in a time frame that makes you feel like priority.

Feel completely free to contact me, and I will do my best to get back to you in less than a 12-24 hour period. You will be pleased with the way I preform I can guarantee.

With regards,
- Tryton Melhart (Black Label Studios)

CUSTOM GFX DESIGNER - Looking for legit clients

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