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Today, A Buyer contacted me saying I have a script and turn this into a video!
I said Ok send it to me,
then he said come to PC this file cannot be viewed on MOBILE

then he said enable MACROS, ENABLE CONTENT etc
and was trying to get access to my PC, but my antivirus SAVED me

Be aware sellers :slight_smile:
Sharing is Caring



As well as donโ€™t download .exe files. :smiley:



can you tell how to scan if he got access or not ?
or to block him


One of my friend supports me. (Software engineer) Use a better firewall is good idea. (Iโ€™m not computer specialist.)


Avoid those buyers who told you that download his/her .exe files and run it.


thanks for helping :slight_smile:
I asked CS to check account activity of that person


If your service does not require any files (that too .exe files) and buyer sends. Be cautious and also notify fiverr customer support for the buyer asking you may also try to harm other sellers as well.

Hope this helps!


yes same i did, i reported him to CS