Attention! Be careful If you sell on


I sold my services through with the

The thief gave me a positive feedbacks, and the next day all money gone. I don’t understand how is possible this.

The order ID were the following:

Order ID#FO62A5285382

Order ID#FO84A1073086

Order ID#FO1FDEF4352

Order ID#FO83A317FAF3

Order ID#FO644C623807

Order ID#FO21A73979E3

Order ID#FO1250821276

Order ID#FO32508324C4


This is very serious case because someone use the paypal and the fiverr for the steal.

I will report this case the FBI-too. This is not a big money, but who knows how many people have already stolen it.

The fiverr support do not answer my letter.

I hope we find the thief.

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