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Attention Buyers, don't order and then send messages to inbox. Message in ORDER PAGE

Buyers often do this and it’s really frustrating. The order page has the same messaging platform and when it’s pertaining to the order, the best place to message the seller is…you guessed it! THE ORDER PAGE! :slight_smile:

Going back and forth between inbox and order pages is extremely time consuming and many sellers don’t get to their inboxes first. They get to their orders REALLY FAST though. Keep this in mind for the future as the inbox is for inquiries and questions PRIOR to ordering.

Thank you for liking this post and passing along to other buyers…

DTong (TRS)

Reply to @kjblynx:

Agreed. :slight_smile:

I agree, but i feel that notifications for updates on the order page are very hit or miss. For example yesterday someone put 3 comments on my order page and I didn’t receive an email, nor did my notification bar show anything. It wasn’t until they put something in the inbox where I got an email/notification. Wish they would fix that because it seems like I’m trying to ignore the buyer.

Reply to @buzzkillington: I have had this happen too.