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Attention Content writing buyers!

Hello Everyone,
I just want to tell you all that i am good enough to write 100% quality content on any topic. Then why so late to order me even when i have experience in writing articles and website content. I will offer good discount plus as much as revisions you want. Just check out these Gigs once… :slight_smile:


Good luck with your gigs. I think, though, that Fiverr is saturated with writing gigs. I love to write too, and am skilled. What is always needed is a new twist on things.


Yes,You are right :slight_smile:
Btw thanks for wishing me good luck, same to you :slight_smile:


Hey! Welcome to Fiverr.

To a degree, @acdesignstudio is right; writing gigs are extremely popular on this website. However, there’s also a lot of buyers out there, so if you keep at it, you’ll get somewhere eventually. Utilise buyers request and market your gig to people who would be likely to buy your services.

One piece of advice I can get from looking at your gig is that you should probably separate the writing/re-writing aspect of your gig. Writing and re-writing something are two completely different things, and should be treated as two different gigs.

Your price automatically jumps from $10 for 1000 words to $35(?) dollars for 1500. What’s stopping someone from ordering a 1000 word gig for $10 and then a 500 word gig on top for $5. I’d change the prices so that the cost per word/word count increase is either the same or more than the gig package beforehand. (for example, I offer 200 words for $5 or 500 words for $10. You may also be able to get more once you’ve built up a rapport for adding SEO in the title of your gig.

Your tagline is also grammatically incorrect, which might put some buyers off. “Call me Words Hunter” should probably be “Call me a word hunter”. You might want to check to make sure you have good grammar on your profile throughout as this can effect the amount of orders you receive/your reputation on this website.

I hope these tips help!


First of all thanks for your time that you have mentioned everything here that you observed in my gig. I will make make these writing and rewriting Gigs separately.
Just making changes in my price strategy of Gigs. :blush:
And yeah i just read this tag line and i think its not correct grammatically, May be this is the reason buyer don’t like ordering me for something :no_mouth:
Your tips are really good, I’ll try my level best to improve these aspects of my Gigs…Thank again :relaxed:

You’re welcome. I’m glad these tips have helped.

It definitely could be. As a new buyer without a review, you need to understand that a buyer who comes across your profile will be taking chances by ordering with you. They don’t know your reliability, your skill, e.t.c., and many people aren’t willing to just take your word for it. Buyers request can be a good way to get yourself out there and start bringing in orders, which in turn, will increase your reviews. This will then encourage organic buyers to visit your gigs, and your orders should improve!


Best to double check your grammar considering you are selling a writing gig!

“Then why so late to order me even”

Can you see the mistake :slight_smile:

Otherwise hope it goes well


Yes Sure, I am sending buyer request on daily basis :slight_smile:

Yes dear, I just came to know that there are some grammatical mistakes in my Gigs that i really need to improve .

From reading your post here on the forum, I can see that you do not have the best use of the English language. I will recommend using a grammar checking tool such as

That way you can check your writing before you publish, deliver content, submit to the forum, or save description updates.

I use a grammar checker for most things that I write anymore (except simple replies like this). Especially when I’m advertising my writing services, it gives me confidence and I’m learning how to write better all of the time.

Good luck!


Good! I’m sure you will do well.

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Thanks for recommending me this grammar checking tool, I was using and some other tool. I am trying to improve my English grammar.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Yeah, Hope for good :heart_eyes:

Free grammarly is not as good as the one i gave you. Did you use it for this post?

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No, I didn’t. Can I add this tool as an extension in my web browser?

I just copy and paste into the website. Browser extension grammar checking isn’t ideal, in my experience. It’s extra work, but I always have the window open to copy/paste

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okay, That’s good. I will try this tool.

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I took a moment to look through your profile. Let me suggest that you make additional gigs for writing about your favorite topics. You can make a few of them and see which topics get the most impressions on your gig page, so you know where to focus more energy. Start with your favorite field to write in, or the ones you have the most experience with.

I look forward to seeing your progress


Okay Thank you so much :relaxed:

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I suggest looking at the top rated sellers on your niche and learn from them. You can learn from them how to properly format the description for example, and many more other small details that counts.

Also, take full advantage of the number of maximum gigs that you can have. Good luck :slightly_smiling_face: