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ATTENTION: Do Fiverr condemn paid reviews on sites like Amazon and other sites like this

I want to ask a question from the Fiverr community that Do Fiverr condemn paid reviews on sites like Amazon and other sites like this… If yes tell your views and If yes why the have special section for reviews and why even top rated seller are doing this. If yes, then why there is no restriction on video testimonials which is most hot selling gig but unethical to be true. Please I want clear view because some of my friends are saying that there accounts are getting restricted because they sell reviews to the third parties.

Answer Please …

Fiverr is right to remove these gigs. Other sites, like Amazon, do not like fake product reviews – which, essentially, are what paid reviews are. And, since those sites do not like this, Fiverr is removing those gigs from this site.

Don’t try to sell services that go against the rules of other websites.

And what about testimonials? How will you defend that even you know in depth of your heart that 99% of testimonials are like fake paid reviews and even 80% of reviews here on Fiverr are sold on raving paid script

On your own product review gig, be sure to take this line out and you shuld not have any problems. Just do not do any reviews for any books on Amazon. If anyone asks you for it, so politely no you do not do that.

“For verified Amazon reviews, you have to contact before order”

There is no such thing. No one can pay to have a review written even if you do download and read the book, no one can pay someone to post a review period. Go read the Amazon terms of service and they even hint at Fiverr, they do not say the company name but they talk about $5 reviews being prohibited.

I think it was on the forum here or the TOS stating that in some states and products that sells from third party sites like Amazon for example is not allowed, when I started out I was ask to do reviews as well and I ask a question, similar to yours and I got the same answer’s in the community, that once it’s not a buyer’s personal site or product it’s against the TOS on here to do it.

Reply to @jonbaas: Please give me the answer then why categories of testimonials and reviews exist???

Reply to @ahmadtalhaazam:
Any category for testimonials and reviews here on Fiverr are designed for website reviews that are not opposed to artificial, paid reviews., however, does not allow artificial, paid reviews on their site. So Fiverr gigs that attempt to sell such services are likely to be restricted or removed.

Reply to @ahmadtalhaazam: But that is like anywhere, not just here on Fiverr. Anyone who has their own business that wants to use video testimonials on their website, can hire actors to do it at anytime and have it be fake. TEstimonials in general are fake to begin with. Who ever said testimonnials on websites were actually real. It’s like in the movies everything is actually fake. That is the problem with video testimonials in general.

Reply to @ahmadtalhaazam: Also, part of the problem is that it did not used to be so much of a problem. But now Amazon, FAcebook and Twitter are cracking down on their own terms of service. Because it is agsinst the rules (and written in their terms) for those sites for anyone to get paid likes and followers or reviews on Amazon.

So whoever your friends are that are selling the reviews to third parties, the buyers who are buying the gig are getting their pages shut down by the other websites. So then the buyer of the review gig gets in trouble with Amazon or someone gets their Facebook page shut down because they paid for followers, and then the buyer complains to Fiverr. Now Fiverr goes to look at your friends gig and restricts it.

Fiverr isn’t going to just restrict every single gig, because some reviews are real, and some advertising is real, but as soon as FAcebook or Amazon come knocking on Fiverrs door, Fiverr is gong to shut down any gig that is making problems.

Reply to @sincere18: Well Hats off to your comparison of video testimonial with movies to defend their fakeness.

Reply to @sincere18: I liked your point…I will surely make this change

Reply to @ahmadtalhaazam: ha-ha-ha…do you know what an infomercial is? NOt sure if your country has them as much on TV as they do here in the US, but in the middle of the night you can turn to many channels and watch a whole half hour commercial selling some kind of product, some weight loss equipment or cooking item, or something like that…half of them are fake! Even though they have “real” people, all those real people are paid actors. I can’t say ALL of the time, there are some legit people on their that have used the product, but any good actor or actress can make you believe they have used it :slight_smile:

It’s the same thing in magazines too…we as people like to see fiction and fairy tales, not real life. It’s why models are unfortunately photoshoped for example. REal women hardly look like they do in magazines. But sadly the general popuations don’t want to buy things with real looking people, everyone gets lured in by the fairy tale…

Reply to @ahmadtalhaazam: good. You can still do a review for someone’s website. But it is also up to you whether or not you want to do a fake review or a real review and read their book or use their service and then talk about it.

If someone gives you a script for a video testimonial, how would you feel about having a video of you talking about something if it is not true? If you are an actor and you enjoy that kind of stuff, great. If you want to write real reviews that is good too. But it is your choice.