Attention: Messages on delivered orders do not trigger alerts


Hi one of my clients was almost totally convinced of me being a scammer and a thief and cancelled a long order because the gig auto-cleared and I wasn’t informed by the alerts that he had been leaving messages there. We already sorted this out but it is only today while I was looking for a certain delivery when I noticed some of my other clients were also leaving messages in delivered orders but normally i would be notified with something like, ‘order # was updated by client’.

As not all clients will request a modification and some are content with leaving their modification instructions as a message within the order, the feature I think is very important. I hope this will get fixed soon. Thanks Fiverrs! :slight_smile:


Did you checked notifications in “account settings”? make sure that boxes are checked to send you an email


Maybe a system glitch for you, 'cause I’m still receiving emails when a buyer sends me a message on a delivered order…


Seems so, seems it’s somewhat back to normal, thanks for the advice!