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Attention newbies

Hi new users or the would be users,

how are you? :slight_smile:

I have some tips for you to keep your account/ID safe here at fiverr. actually these are some common mistakes that done by us usually for our carelessness.

  • when we open an account , mainly we sellers, we concentrate on saving our user name and passwords. but we have to save all the info we are adding here, specially security question, date of birth, phone number, payment information etc. these will need in future. so write down all this in a notebook or just save it anywhere you feel safer.
  • very consciously add every information , coz one mistake can create a big harm in future.
  • try to use a phone number that is always active.
  • Use every info about you that are correct, 100% authentic. i mean dont use a fake user name, dont use your relative’s NID or passport or driving licence or bank account, use only yours.

for today, thts all. i will add more if i think you need to know more about these common mistakes :wink:

you can ask questions :slight_smile:

Happy fiverring :innocent:

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Thank you! Can’t wait for the next lesson :wink:


Thanks:smiley:Great work