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Attention NY Community: Have you ever used Fiverr to help build your business? If so, how?

We are looking for some stories from buyers in the New York area who have used Fiverr to help grow their business.

If you have a great story to share, please do so below.

Why only new york area ? anyway waiting for some great stories I hope :slight_smile:

After a few years of misfires hiring artists otherwise I have finally built up Kings County Comics into the live comic book event publisher I hoped to. In just over five weeks I have five different artists working on comic book stories for New York Comic Con all in time for a big New York Super Week Event at Lovecraft Bar NYC!! #FiveOnFiverr [FRAGGLESROCK] (link removed)

i used my gig to build an analysis team

Yes I do, Please contact me by email.

Reply to @natalieab you don’t want experiences from other people from across the globe? you only want new york, well, am not from new york. Still waiting for stories…

Reply to @sunperson: Yes me too… waiting for stories