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Attention Payoneer users (SOLVED)

06/30/2020 UPDATE: I am now able to use my Payoneer debit card, so it appears that as of 2:30 pm (GMT+2) my funds are unfrozen. Looking for confirmation from others as well.

CONFIRMED: Only users with balance linked to their Payoneer debit cards had their funds frozen. Withdraw to bank seems to work.

Users with NO physical card can use their funds as usual.

EDIT: Latest update from Payonerr courtesy of @chupavix:

I had my card rejected several times this morning, which of course prompted me to communicate with Payoneer CS.

Their response was that all funds are frozen temporarily by the FCA, the regulator in UK.

The reason being that Wirecard AG (Germany) filed for insolvency.

I had a lot of money in my account, it’s what I use to pay my bills and family’s expenses.

Payoneer is “working on sending out an email to all cardholders.”

Until we learn more about this situation, please avoid sending cleared revenue to your Payoneer cards and do not use the “bank transfer” option either, as that one is being facilitated by Payoneer as well.

I am in shock.


Does it affect those using it for bank transfers?


All funds are frozen. You can’t touch it, transfer it, withdraw or even shop online.

All cards are essentially dead.

Apparently there was a huge scandal 24 hours ago -didn’t hear a peep- and the CEO was arrested. They “lost” over 1 billion dollars in 2 weeks.

Since the FCA needs to investigate, it’s safe to say that we need to kiss that money goodbye now.

The customer agent told me that they don’t know when they will be able to email all cardholders, but they are planning on doing it soon.


That’s insane. I heard about wirecard, have been working on stuff about it over the past few months with a client, but didn’t know there was a connection with Payoneer.
Can’t find any news about it online at all


that’s the weird part.

news coverage is very limited.

Do you remember getting a new card in 2018? Without asking for one?


I dont use the card, just use it for bank transfers.
Can you update the OP to say don’t use it for transfers?

Wirecard is the parent company of Payoneer. Some info with #payoneer on twitter

FCA is investigating - this means it’s likely that there won’t be a quick solution to this. People should look for whatever alternatives they can.

Reports on Twitter that all Payoneer accounts are frozen. Because money transferred from Fiverr to bank accounts go through Payoneer accounts, these withdrawals won’t go through if reports are correct.


That’s what I fear.

Federal involvement and fraud investigation means this will be a while until it is solved.

People of Fiverr, please use Paypal for now.

I just hope you don’t lose a lot of money.


@frank_d does this payoneer Account freezing involves sellers in other countries or only those in UK?


EDIT: It appears it affects all users that had a card issued by that partner company.


This is INSANE! I pay my bills this way as well. Been on the phone with these people all day. Does anyone know if you can transfer money from Fiverr in to your bank account? I have Paypal, but I don’t have a Paypal card.


I done transaction last night all was good… all this happened today ?


So, I just spent all afternoon writing official guidance for cryptocurrency users who withdraw funds via Wirecard issued cards. Here’s a snippet:

If you use one of the above cards, you will no longer be able to withdraw funds you deposit to accounts. Neither will you be able to use cards online or in-store to make purchases. Don’t worry just yet, though. Any funds on cards you can’t use are safe.

When Will I Be Able to Access My Funds?

How your crypto debit card provider will help you retrieve access to lost funds will depend on their terms and conditions. However, in the case of, all users of debit cards will receive 100% of lost funds in the form of credit paid to their existing cryptocurrency wallets in the next 48-hours.

And yet I find out from a random person on the Internet that my own card is affected by this and Lord knows what will happen with my own money.

To me, this will be a test of Fiverr’s integrity. If other companies are able to guarantee that 100% of user funds will be returned in 48-hours, Fiverr should be able to do the same with our earnings.

That they and Payoneer have let this go on for over 24-hours and not even notified users is the equivalent of a customer service kick in the nuts. Quite Frankly, I’m disgusted.


Yes this is brand new.

Like I said my card went dead this morning, after using it successfully once.

@cyaxrex Seems like Fiverr needs to disable those functions immediately and issue some sort of statement.

Payonerr CS was implying that’s it’s just a matter of finding a different vendor/partner and transferring us to new cards, but I don’t think it’s that simple.



OMG! Paypal does not work in my country, so Payoneer has been my saving grace for the 4 to 5 YEARS!!! Outside of YouTube where I get paid straight to my bank account thanks to Google, my Teespring store, Patreon page, and now Fiverr account are all linked to Payoneer!!! :scream: :pleading_face: :sob:

Thank GOD I transferred out the bulk of my cash outta there two weeks ago and only have $40 in there currently that I sent over from Fiverr last week! :sob: :sob: :sob:



So what does that mean, that they are going to flush the money back in to Fiverr?


No that’s not going to happen in this case.

I don’t think.


Thanks for bringing up this issue Frank. It seems like (from what I’m reading online) that this isn’t an “ALL Payoneer” issue. I understand that this affects you greatly, but not all Payoneer users use Wirecard AG.

It sounds like a horrible situation, one that’s developing and I hope that it’s resolved soon for you.

I will post again if we hear anything more about this on Fiverr’s side.


“All the affected sellers will be notified by Payoneer. Payoneer are working on a solution.”


Cool. Finally a sigh of relief.

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