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ATTENTION! Phishing Attack On Fiverr

I got a message in my inbox from a fiverr user.He introduced himself as one of the members of the fiverr team and asked me to click on a link and vote for Fiverr. Not only the link had URL similar to fiverr, that but also the appearance of the site was exact rip of fiverr (See Image).

He also said that if I vote, I will get more traffic and sales. also My gigs will be placed on front page.

When you submit the details on such site(By mistake ofcourse), they are sent to the attacker. And he may login in to your account and take all your money.

Never submit your details on links you get in your fiverr inbox. So Protect yourself!

Note: I can give you the “username” of sender and “URl” of the site if you want."

Reply to @ozzieuk: Already did! :slight_smile:

Please report this incident to support at:

Thanks !

It is obviously a phishing attempt, for one thing the structure & grammar used is not proper - such cases give me a “heads up” .English is not my mother tongue, yet I can say that

"It’s time to busy"

"…and get more sales for you" should give a warning to anyone, let alone that fiverr never asked me for my phone number - ever!

Thanks for sharing and warning others to keep away!

Reply to @madmoo: Yes it is. I also read the “Three banner (Scam)” Posted by you.

one of my friend got scammed couple of hours ago and now he can not log into the support area of fiverr. Please tell me what should i suggest him to do now to recover his account?

his id pass was changed and his money was withdrawn by some one else’s paypal. He is really upset. He tried to changed the password and got a mail saying he can not order for a new password change before 24 hour. What should he do? He is new in fiverr. He was really excited and now he is devastated. Please someone give a helpful advice. Thanks for the post

This voting offer valid…

It’s time to busy?.. WTF

How about you include “me love you long time” just for laughs…

stupid phishing hackers got me on this one, still in the process of retrieving my account, but hopefully everything is still safe… a lesson to me and everybody out there… DO NOT CLICK ON ANY, I REPEAT, ANY LINKS SENT IN INBOX OR OTHER MESSAGES, EVEN IF THEY DO NOT APPEAR SUSPICIOUS! Think i’ve made my point clear!!

Reply to @sajjad_anik: yes, that seems to be happening to a lot of people in the past few days here on fiverr, same thing happened to me !! clicked on a link sent in my inbox, and i was logged out…couldnt change password through email etc… now in process of retrieving my account with customer support, they ask for your passport!!

Reply to @startselect: =))

This is really ridiculous how people try to scam people & try to make fools out of them.

Reply to @pearlsant: Yes they are. The best thing we can do is, be cautious. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Ugh. These scammers are such malignant scum… Seems like they are taking over the place. :-SS

Reply to @boltdesign2: Yes I read your story. That’s sad. Best of luck!

With some online research I am able to track down the guy who setup this entire phishing attack. I just checked using online tools to whom the domain belongs.

Reply to @sammalothra:

I have worked with internet security companies before and only the dumbest cyber criminals would register a domain to a real name, but judging this particular person by their ridiculous full metal jacket login, I would say there is a slight chance.


Can I please have the fake website url?

Thank You

Reply to @sammalothra: gained access to my account once again, thank god i contacted Customer support immediately, as they blocked my account from withdrawing revenue right before the hacker could withdraw anything, otherwise i may have been a true victim to this attack! thank you for all the kind words, i really hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else, i take it as a lesson, personally…!

Thx for sharing this. Everyone is a newbie at one time & more likely to get caught in the trap, but even experienced people can have these things happen.

I got caught by the “FBI” kidnapping hack last year. You don’t have to click a link or open a file, it happens just browsing the internet. I was reading on a news site, all of a sudden my screen changed to look exactly like the U.S.'s FBI website. The message I saw said something about “this IP address has been implicated with illegal activities and is subject to fines and a possible prison sentence” blah blah blah. It said I had to send $250 to some address before my computer would be released. And I couldn’t leave the page. No matter what URL I typed in, it just kept reloading to this page. I shut the machine down, turned it back on later & when I opened a browser, there it was again. It also turned my webcam on & opened a small video screen so I could see myself as I yelled about the jerks who were doing this. I ended up having to go into the BIOS & rebooting from a previous date. Fortunately I’d heard something about that “kidnapping” hack because if I hadn’t I would’ve been scared that I’d never get control of my computer back!

I’m so sorry to hear about those of you who got hacked. That just totally sux. I hope you can get everything straightened out.

Reply to @kjblynx:

I’m sure since this is a threat, if I know it, it may help me avoid it.

Then i’m sure fiverr will allow him to share it.