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Attention, please avoid this kind of mistakes!

I had an assignment before with a client. In brief, he told me to describe 36 items from amazon “I can’t say the name of those products he demands”.

Later on, I asked him if there is any specific item he wants me to talk about!. However, he did not replay to me. At that moment, when he purchased my Gig, he did not write any further requirements, but only what we discussed on the messages board.

The time was not counting down, I asked him for additional requirements, he replied to me on the order page that ‘‘we already talked about that’’, and so the time start counting down. Then I figured out that I have to talk about any 36 Items. there were various products, and I whished if he told me what exactly he wants, so I can go directly to them, it could save me a lot of time and effort.

When I delivered the work to him. Three days later, he asked me for revision, by saying that “the order is still incomplete, and according to our assignment you have to add these products.” additional 16 products and that “delivery do not match the references in the assignment” and so I tried to tell him that we didn’t talk about any assignment like that. I did exactly what he asked me about. The description of the specific 36 products was fully done and delivered within the time. He replied "What did you write about if you didn’t have the requirements?. "

If it is right then why you did not inform me exactly about that at the beginning. However, as a beginner on Fiverr, I did not want to get negative feedback. And I delivered what he ordered an additional of 16 to be in a total of 52 items.
I was so upset although all efforts I did for him. I did more than he deserves.

Rather than lying, if he asked me nicely for any additional items I would not say no, but being tricky is really so bad. I don’t know exactly what should I do with these kinds of persons, but next time I would not start any work until I know the full requirements.


People like these are there. But I never had faced any client like that. Hopefully I won’t.

I am nowadays working weekly with a top-rated seller. Who just tells me that give quality not quantity(I write articles).

He’s frank, replies on time, he when ordering says giving requirements in an hour. And gives it in the contact page. So, all in all the buyer’s best.

And exactly this buyer’s attitude is the best I’ve ever seen. I feel good to work with a top-rated buyer (V.I.D) buyer. :slight_smile:


Looks like a scumbag. Sadly there are many here. Sadly they are rarely stopped so more give birth to themselves as cheating is easier than doing good work for certain types of people - even tho ultimately they never benefit from it.

Learn the lesson about having a really clear Brief/Scope before accepting a job and learn to see the Red Flags. A lot of this reduces when you more out of the $5 offers.

When you find good Buyers & Sellers, support them, recommend them.


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It’s sad. Some buyers are like them, it’s our luck. But there are also many good buyers in the Fiverr marketplace

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Thank you so much, I will.

Thank you for the advice, “quality not quantity”

Well, yes, you’re not supposed to start work until you have all the information you need.


Yes, but technically I have the information, and we’ve already talked about it. That’s why I started working. Time was running out. Apparently it was planned.

Thanks for your advice

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