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Attention please. I have something to tell you

I want to translate some Chinese online novels in fourm, I wonder if it is ok. What do you recommend, if you like? What kind of novels do you like?Here’s my link

??? DANG, I thought you had something important to tell us…you tricked me there :crazy_face: :joy:

But yeah, I don’t think it is a problem to translate Novels??

Have a wonderful day

Warmly, Humberto

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Can you tell me what kind of novels you like?

Good question. Funny even though my expertise is designing book covers, I’m not much of a reader, to be honest. My life has not given me such luxury… I have a very busy lifestyle and reading novels is out of the question… Oh, but who knows, when I’m old, bold and crippled I might have a look at it :rofl::joy: But thank you for asking.

You would need to own the copyright of any work you translate. - Or your end client would.

Alternatively, you could translate copyright-free public domain novels.


Why would you like to post them on the forum, though? What will you benefit from just translating entire novels and posting them on the forum for free? :thinking: :crazy_face:

I also don’t know if it’s even possible to post such a lengthy post on the forum (presuming the novel you’re planning on posting has at least 30K words). Even if that’s possible, IDK if it might be removed by the mods? :thinking: