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Attention Please! If a client wants me to write something about content writing as a sample free of cost then what should i do?

Please suggest me

Ask for $5 atleast. Never do it for free, once you reach level 1 you can raise your price.

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Thanks for suggestion

You are already underpricing your service heavily. Never work for free and always charge your rate. You take 0,5 Cents per Word that is ridiculous. Writings costs at least 10x this amount and that is why you attract scammers like the dude not willing to pay 9 bucks for a full 700 word article. Just block him and move on. You will only have problems with buyers like these.

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I am new here how can i have my gig prices high

It is not about setting prices super high. Just a reasonable rate that makes sense. I would be super suspicious as a buyer if somebody offers his services for that low. Being new on Fiverr doesn’t mean you need to starve. Fiverr does not work like that. Rankings depend on many factors and clients usually don’t pick the cheapest person, but the person best suited for their needs.
I see you even offer unlimited revisions. This is an invitation for scammers and simply not possible. If you are confident in your work, why would you need to offer unlimited revisions?

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I have seen many sellers of level 1 and 2 who offers unlimited revisions why is that

I always thought unlimited revisions and cheap price will attract more customers.

As a buyer you dont want the cheapest you want the seller which generates the most value for you aka profit. If you can buy an article for 5$ and it is making you 10$ or you buy an article for 100$ which is making you 1000$ - which one would you choose?
B2B is not comparable to the customer in the supermarket. It is about providing value and by setting such a low price you are signalizing that you have no belief in the value of your own work to customers. That why there are people taking advantage of you. I was never asked to do free sample work for anyone.

How are unlimited revisions convincing a buyer to buy`? As a customer i don’t want unlimited revision. I want results after first try, ideally. There are a lot of sellers that dont even offer a single revision - because they know there true value and believe in their work.

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Hello Muzamil, I hope you don’t mind a feedback, but your video seems to be riddled with a lot of spelling and capitalization errors. I can also see some syntax issues in your description.

Please keep in mind that you are offering writing services, and people will have high expectation on your English writing proficiency (at least legit and serious buyers will).

Fiverr’s ToS mentioned the following:

“Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the Seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig Page.”

And your gig description said:

  • No chance of grammatical mistakes
  • Flawless English

I would be very, very careful in making such claims if I were you - it would be very easy for buyers to cancel your gig if they argue that you are not giving what you promise in your gig description.

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Thats true about believing in your work but even if the seller is a veteran in his field there is no guarantee that the work will turn out the way buyer wanted. Even if its the tiniest update or modification I would certainly want some room for revisions in the work. If the buyer is giving me an ultimatum that you will have to take and leave whatever work I hand it to you I will stay clear from its path. Atleast that’s what I think as a buyer.
About the pricing too I feel it depends from gig to gig. For example check this out -

Thats actually true. @muzamilbutt401 You are literally doing a content writing gig that is filled with grammatically incorrect lines and misspelt words everywhere.

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Sir please highlight it

I am really sorry to say this… but if you can’t find the mistakes, maybe it is not yet time for you to offer a professional writing gig.

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In creative work most of the time the buyer does not know what he wants. And if he thinks he knows, he’s wrong 90% of the time. That why, despite obvious factual errors such as typo or clear deviation from the brief, you shouldn’t offer revisions if you believe in your work. Because in the end, your work should provide value for your client nothing else. It is not about catering to what your client wants, but to what your client needs. Whether he likes it at first or not. Most of the buyers are not professional creatives themselves, so how are they even supposed to know whether something is right or wrong? When i order a logo from a professional i tell him what my brand is about and then he creates a logo. Whether i like it or not, does not matter because he says this logo will work. People outsource stuff to freelancers because they dont have the skills to do it themselves. What makes you think he can eveluate it then?

Your example of a cheap professional… You do realize he is not actually doing illustrations but using software with certain filters to create the effect? Nobody actually doing an illustration from a photo can live off 5 bucks per illustration. So yes, if all you are doing is putting data in a tool and downloading the result, maybe 5 dollar is an appropriate price.

The thing is, that is not how content is written. Or at least good content which informs and converts.

I still disagree with the pricing point because I am aware of all possible software available to create that art and it doesn’t produce the result like that artist does, however, lets not dive into that now.
On the revision let us consider a customer like me, suppose I want a logo designer to design my company logo using the schematics and designs I provide him in a square shape using particular colours only. I just want him to do it because I don’t have the time but I know exactly what I want. If he still uses his “expertise” and doesn’t stick to my plans what should be done in that case? Don’t say cancel the order it damages seller’s reputation

Well i think if you booked you have trust in his skills as a professional logo designer. So if he does something else and you dont like it, you should still trust. However, it it clearly deviates from the brief (e.g company already has established colors) then seller should communicate with you before changing something.
However this is not for what revisions are for. If you order a and get b, you did not get as ordered. That does not count as a revision in my book but as simple order fulfilment. A revision is when client says “Oh i though about it and i don’t like this anymore pls change”
“Oh this blue doesnt look as i expected i want another colour”
If you offer unlimited revision you have to do every single one of these changes or you wont get your money.

Unlimited revisions and cheap prices attracts scammers - not customers.

There is a big difference.

Scammers target people who sell gigs cheaper than the market rate and who offer unlimited revisions, because it demonstrates that the seller is either inexperienced with Fiverr or desperate - or both. Either way, the seller is an easy target.

Customers however are prepared to pay the market rate for a good service, and because they’ll be getting a good service, they’re unlikely to require any revision.

Fiverr sellers who don’t understand this are ultimately destined to be scammed and then fail.

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I am a new seller so I was unaware of such nuances but thank you for these insights

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I worked on my gig kindly check it and tell me if you find any improvements in gig video and gig description