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Attention please - Is Fiverr busy in promoting Pro Sellers?

Is Fiverr busy in promoting Pro Sellers? :thinking: I think, yes, that’s why experienced sellers working on Fiverr from last 2-5 years are not getting the queue full of orders as they use to before initiating this Pro Sellers program?.

One more reason for making me think like that because they are showing our gig reviews which are more than 5k+, 3k+ to 1k+ and now again Fiverr made changes and changed it to 100+ so that they can almost equal us with the Pro seller alongside :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Do you agree with me?
If not then is there anyone who know what’s going behind the scene? :expressionless:


You dared say it… :scream:

The only problem with this theory is that a lot of Pros don’t really seem to do that much. - Also, some Pros seem to just have Pro tags slapped on what are really just regular gigs.


But once you know, things just get stranger…


I had spectacular sales up through mid March, better than ever. So for me it’s been much more recent.


I agree with you on this, it does seem to be an attempt to level the field a bit.

However, separately, why wouldn’t Fiverr be trying to get business for Pro sellers? If you are experiencing a decline in sales then do what every other business does at those times, promote, diversify, market etc. Being your own boss is something everyone loves about being a freelancer but the fact is that you are also your own marketing department, customer service, salesperson, janitor etc.


The issue is why is Fiverr seemingly trying to get business for Pro sellers by manipulating the search in their favor (leveling the review playing field)?

If Pros are suffering, they should do what every other freelancer on Fiverr:

I thought that the whole point of Pro sellers was to attract bigger spenders and more people to Fiverr. Telling Bob who has 1,000+ reviews to go smack his marketing pony while sales are down, as you take away 900 of his reviews and give the newbie next to him a big PRO badge, just smacks of parental favoritism.


Well, of COURSE Fiverr is going to try to get their 100$ minimum gigs to sell more often. I mean, they ARE a business after all. Why do you think most grocery stores put the milk and eggs in the back of the store? To trick you into buying more stuff.

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I agree - I think the review thing is a silly and unfair change and have said so here and elsewhere. It is clearly aimed at helping Pro sellers as there is no other logical reason for it. Personally, I think it is a really poor move on Fiverr’s part - favoritism as you say, but even more so because it is not actually promoting them but weakening those who have done well. I mean there are sellers with 50k reviews showing up as 100+. I also say all this as a seller who actually benefits from this as none of my gigs have over 1000 sales so I am looking better now than before. I just dislike the premise for the change.

I am also all for pushing the Pro sellers to promote themselves but at the same time, I can understand Fiverr doing specific campaigns for them as they are mainly operating towards a different market price point. It does surprise me too, that few if any of the Pros (that I can see) have had their off-Fiverr clients buy on Fiverr as a means to building their profiles out and adding the social proof required to justify the price tags.


Pros were invited to Fiverr because they had amazing brand/social media presences and were recognized as real professionals in their field. They were brought in to bring a new kind of tier of service to Fiverr and bigger spenders along with that tier of service.

Now this business model has been (seemingly) changed to one which trys to persuade regular buyers to stop buying from regular sellers and buy from Pros instead. - Then there is the fact that the professional quality provided by so-called Pros is itself open to increasing interpretation.

In either case, it doesn’t take a monkey to see that it won’t work. CocaCola will happily spend $1,000 on a Pro tagline or sales copy. Debbies juice parlor which just opened down the road won’t.

Of course, Debbie can still use Fiverr to find sellers more in her price league. The problem is, getting real quality first time from a reputable seller, just became a lot more potluck than it used to be. Everyone, after all, is now pretty much equal… Apart from those Pros. - If and when they ever come back from vacation :slight_smile:

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Yes, it would seem that few Pros with amazing client portfolios have so far worked very hard to promote the many merits of Fiverr to their clientele.

Also lots of us regular sellers have greatly raised our prices so we are not that different as far as what we charge, and the total earnings for fiverr, than Pros. I think fiverr was on the right track to select the highest selling gigs to display in the best spots.

My best selling Big Money Spell gig gets orders over $200 from repeat clients constantly. My gigs are so popular and get so many repeat clients that so far I don’t see any ceiling on my prices.


The main reason for Pros not being able to successfully bring their clientele over, is that the BYOB tool that Fiverr built for that very reason, sucks.

And that’s sugar coating it.

EDIT: I hated it when they had all reviews capped at 1k last year. Now that they capped them at 100+, I hate it even more. It’s unfair to all sellers that are putting in hard work and making sales over the years.


In addition to that, it takes time for the business community to realize that Pros are available on fiverr. I expect in the coming couple of years it will take off but some things just take time for the general buying public to catch on.

And so like vikings of old ye go, plundering the wealth and review bags of the defenseless mek sellers beneath ye…


Your BYOB tool excuse won’t stand when people have to start feeding their children toast crumbs shaken out of old Dell computer keyboards for breakfast.

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Not sure were you’re getting at, but love the memes.

It’s very late and I’m really just trying to amuse myself while writing about locks :slight_smile: - I don’t think I really make much sense myself sometimes.


I don’t see any difference between what level or what badge can charge high prices. Fiverr did seem to promote Pros when that was new, but less so now.


I had absolutely fantastic months in January and February but in March the sales dipped and now I think I’ve had maybe 3 sales in the last month… yikes.

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Fiverr is promoting Pro sellers more than ever before and that’s a plain fact.


It is the only problem which is throwing our efforts from last few years that we put on Fiverr. Pro sellers need to advertise themselves on their own like Fiverr says to other seller, promote your gigs on social media etc. Why not for Pro seller? Pro seller are also human beings like us at all.


Well said, I will be there one day, InshaAllah :+1: :clap:

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