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Attention Required! Cloudflare


I don’t know why i’m getting this page every time i open Fiverr site, since morning.

I have been using Fiverr site on Google Chrome browser from last one year.

I have never changed OS of my Computer nor Internet service provider. due to licensed softwares on my PC.

I have cleaned cookies and junk files too… but still getting this page “Cloudflare” every time i open the site.

it’s allowing me to the site only after i verified for “I’m not Robot”


are you using some kind of proxy or VPN…??
but still dont worry its just security check from cloudflare cdn to verify that you are not a bot…
next time if you do not want to be asked try not deleting cookies(browser history), it may work…


It seems to happen to sellers who use bots/software that make them appear online at all times.


Hi @mustafaalibaigm

You can Remove All Addons & Try Again. :wink:


I faced the same issue in the morning. If you’re in India and using JIO then it has something to do with the provider. All youtube tutorials didn’t help and only it got resolved after I’ve changed my internet provider.


I don´t use nor have ever used either of that and yet had that ‘Cloudflare issue’ some months ago. It was really annoying, so I contacted Fiverr CS about it, who told me I need to contact Cloudflare. Not sure anymore, I think they on their part told me to contact Fiverr lol but luckily it resolved itself then somehow, either on its own or because one of them did something yet, no idea. Thankfully, I didn´t see the name Cloudflare again ever since in that context.

I did have the captcha issue again (just no mention of Cloudflare), though, and it had to do with an ad blocker, so you might want to try that, Mustafa. Turn off ad blocker, repeat all the cleaning cookies stuff and try again. I´m now using Chrome without an ad blocker for Fiverr and other browsers for other stuff, which sometimes is a bit inconvenient, but works, no captchas anymore. :crossed_fingers:


i will definitely do that., thank you @miiila


Yes @ilyosinn I’m from India and using JIO Internet


then use some other provider…
idea, airtel and other providers…also have started cheap internet plans…much faster than JIO…


Websites and portals use services such as Cloudflare to protect their websites from malicious activity such as DDOS, visits by bad bots, etc. Cloudflare provides many other services as well apart from this.
In order to identify the source of the malicious activities, these services such as Cloudflare, etc have some algorithms in place and one of the trigger factors in the algorithms, is the IP address of the website visitor.
And to keep the IP alert mechanism of the algorithms up-to-date, services such as Cloudflare rely on some well known anti-spam authorities and systematically gets the IP addresses updates from there.
So, if an anti-spam authority detects an IP or IP range as a source of spam or spammy behavior, then a visit to a portal from that IP, would trigger this type of an alert and block an actual visit / landing to the portal.
This in one of the most common reason of an issue like this.
And, database of these IP addresses on the anti-spam authorities algorithm is not static, it keeps changing.
For example an IP range may trigger an alert today, but tomorrow it may not, depending on the frequency and quantity of spam or spammy behaviour originating from the IP or the IP range.


PROBLEM SOLVED … i don’t know how it’s solved., but it’s solved :blush: Very Happy.


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If this was the case like he was using VPN then he should be worry. VPN is not allow cause people can use more than one id.


If this happens again then check fiverr app on your phone. That way you will be sure if it’s your browser problem or internet like if the site is updating and stuff.