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Attention required


recently i am facing some problem . when I was busy to another website like browsing facebook and after a few minutes later when I back to Fiverr it always recaptcha . and showing some picture for checking if I am a robot . its really annoying when some buyer is knocking me. I need to answer fast but I need to first verify the picture. so can anyone help me with this topic? i am really fed up


This can cause for your ip…May be you are browsing too much websites than before or creating accounts… For that google asking for captcha …


how can i solve this problem ?


You can try to clear the browser cache and clear the dns …
May be problem will be solved …


I had this happen once when I opened a strange attachment on my message inbox that someone had sent me. Something in that attachment seemed to trigger it.

I don’t remember how I got it to stop but I was in an endless loop of repeatedly having to answer that for at least 20 minutes.

I think I did clear the cache to get it to stop. I dislike doing that as my passwords are all saved for the sites I visit.


yeah… really bad experience … how you overcome from here ?


You can try clearing out your cookies, and also your cache. I think I just cleared some of my cookies from sites I never visit.


what you think if i save my password in sites thats why it may happen ?


No that’s not why it happens. It’s a bad cookie on your computer probably so you need to go to your cookies file on your computer and take those off. Try that first.