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Attention, seller [fragglesrock] takes the money and does not order, then to messages does not meet


I negotiated the performance of the order on the same day, and I was the seller promised to do, I made 2 orders … then the seller does not ovtvechal almost 2 days, and then reports that the booking is made, but in its accounting system sales and reviews, I do not see downloads I am writing to seller but again he does not meet the


dude I have no idea what you are talking about but contact CS this forum wont solve your problem. Is english your first language? because if I don’t get it the seller probably cant understand you either


The seller promised but did not, and does not respond… clear?

I just warn about the deceiver, who takes the money, does not execute the order, waiting for 2 days and says that the order is made (but it does nothing)


I can show correspondence with the seller and all will see how deceiving he is