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Attention Sellers Offering Writing Services - Questions on delivering written product


I am just curious what the most popular way of delivering your writing product is. Do you deliver directly in the email or do you attach a word file? Are there other methods you use? What do your buyers like most?

Thank you!


I always attach a Word doc. That way, as soon as the attached file link shows, I click it and read it to verify it went through. This is always a good way to catch that one last typo that slipped through and immediately fix it. Don’t try to edit the online doc though! Open the original on your computer, edit it, and reattach it.


I always use an attachment. Who knows what the formatting would be like as a copy/paste. My blog articles can also easily have words that are forbidden in messages, like “pay” or “email.” My buyers like attachments too and I offer varied text formats.


I tend to use an attachment as well - for a lot of my editing services Track Changes in Word helps make it clear to a buyer exactly what I’ve done and this is particularly useful if you’re a non-native English speaker trying to understand grammar or spelling mistakes.

The character limit on Fiverr messages is often frustratingly short for delivering work too. I tend to provide feedback in both the attachment and message and often find I have to send several to deliver all the feedback I want. It’d be a nightmare if I was sending edited work through as well.


Always attachments.


Same as the guys above. Always attachments for me. Copy and pasting into an email would look quite unprofessional. That’s not for me at all.


Attachments, there are some words Fiverr doesn’t like, you can write e-mail, you can’t write email without getting a writing. You can write cash, you can’t write “money”. I don’t like getting those red warning messages.

However, it’s really up to you how to deliver. If you wrote 5 headlines and have no time to send an attachment, or the attachment feature isn’t working, just copy and paste.


I supply a PDF attachment unless they request it in Word format instead.


Same as the guys above, our company always uses attachments for all of the services, including the writing gig :slight_smile: After all, there is the extra gig that offers an ebook of 3500 words, and the delivery box is limited to 1200. Therefore, .doc attachments are always the best way!


I always send attachment in words,i belief they are easier to copy and paste or convert to any format client might specify.


In the past I would usually submit the work directly if its small scale. Currently I would most prefer to submit written pieces in either PDF, DOC or RTF. Since past work was mostly short poems, the work would get delivered via JPG or DOC file.


Reply to @topaz_muse: I don’t recommend PDF’s because they’re hard to manipulate and RTF since not everyone has the software to open them. I don’t.

Documents are better, I have a Mac so sometimes I deliver .doc or .docx. Most people can open either, but once in a while I’m told that they couldn’t open the document, hardly ever though.