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ATTENTION SELLERS! Try to avoid getting Files through other platforms!


Just received a new message for a Unknown new user.

First i had a doubt that why they give me the Login access details without proper conversation or starting an order. Still i forget that part and clicked on the link to download the information.

It was a Microsoft Document and the size was 256kb. After downloading the file first it was showing something like that “The File was created in old word. Click Enable editing.” I still clicked that.

AND… The document is blank. Then i was 100% sure that this is definitely a try to hack my computer and all details. I checked his account details. The account was created just this february. As fast as possible I shut down the document. Turned down all the Task and Processes and finally shut off my immediately. (Though i forgot to delete the file)

On the next startup. A thought came to my mind. I definitely need to check this file for a virus check through “VirusTotal” (you can check the virustotal results, by clicking on the link). (It’s Safe)
Result of the file: It has “HEUR.VBA.Trojan.e” type of Virus in it.
So, if any wants to know what HEUR.VBA.Trojan.e is all about, click on the link (It is safe)

Short Information about HEUR.VBA.Trojan.e:
HEUR.VBA.Trojan is high risk Trojan virus that can compromise your machine and lead your sensitive information to be stolen by the remote hackers who get the authority on your system illegally. This malicious infection is capable of lurking into your computer without your awareness by making use of the system’s network exploits and computer vulnerabilities. Thus you may be infected with this virus when you are visiting unsafe websites, checking spam email attachments and downloading free resources. Once infected by this malware, your machine would be messed up by the harmful files. After that, you will be driven to crazy for the disaster happening on your PC. It also display deceptive messages for earning from you. Therefore, in terms of protecting your system and your money, you must remove HEUR.VBA.Trojan virus from your computer.

Security problems caused by HEUR.VBA.Trojan virus:

  • Generates phishing pop-up to cheat your money.
  • Downloads other viruses to cause more damages on your PC.
  • Its bundled malware will make your system run extremely slow.
  • Computer frozen or crash by overly using CPU.
  • HEUR.VBA.Trojan will help scammers to steal your crucial data.
  • Avoid the detection of your antivirus programs.

The Moment i see this virus name, i immediately deleted the file and reported the CS. Hope they will take a serious action and suspend his/her account.
I really thanked God nothing happened. I am safe.

You guys, just be safe. Try to avoid downloading files from other websites. Fiverr has their own “attachment” thing in their messages box. Try to get any documents only through fiverr.

2/22/2017 FINAL UPDATE: CS acted on the Case and the above fake user account is now disabled.
Thank You Very Much.

Beware of hackers and protect your account
Advice: Done't Open Buyer Requests Attachments / Before You Scan It

Can’t emphasize this enough. Sometimes I receive comparable message where someone asks me to download information somewhere. I always politely reply that the Fiverr platform offers the possibility for this interactions and that I don’t accept any zipped files, regardless where they are located.


Thank you for this exposé… I would keep watch over my account to ensure nothing of such happens…


Now at this moment i seriously thinks that, Fiverr is a growing Platform, they need to add some serious security features like… all of the users need to add a phone number to verify their identity though OTP. It really helps to decrease the amount of creating fake accounts and this can also help when withdrawing the revenues. Fiverr can add OTP system to withdraw the money. Reason is there were many times i heard that someone changed their account info, withdraw the money.


anything from is explicitly blocked by fiverr’s spam bot.

Are you sure you did not click the “Unspam Request”? :thinking:


@djgodknows Yes, 100% Sure. I didn’t clicked on “Unspam Request” The message was arrived just like a normal message. :frowning:


Are files attached using Fiverr’s attachment feature automatcially scanned for viruses/malware (including the type in the OP) by Fiverr, including if they were in a zip file?


I hope yes, but i don’t know! :confused:


Thank you for letting us know… Hi5


Hello, thank you for such a helpful post and warning!
Is there any way you can remove that actual link from showing here?


@misscrystal Done! :relaxed: :grin:


2/22/2017 FINAL UPDATE: CS acted on the Case and the above fake user account is now disabled.
Thank You Very Much.


I would also like to know if Fiverr scans for viruses. Couldn’t that file just as easily have been attached to a Fiverr message?

Regardless, it is always good to be mindful of suspicious files anywhere, have proper virus software on your computer, etc.

I regularly work with files from buyers that are well beyond Fiverr’s upload limit so we commonly use Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Thankfully I haven’t had anything like this happen yet.


Thanks for this it’s really helpful. Unfortunately, this is something I kinda of do alot (the nature of my gig). The size of the files normally exceed the max size on fiverr and I’m forced to use 3rd party websites to send files. But thankfully, it only happens rarely (if the buyer want me to edit a file not create a new one)… Point is I need to active my antivirus again and start scanning files :3


I was asked to weigh in on this as a moderator, but moderators are not staff so it would be best to ask Customer Support.

I would strongly suggest using an anti-malware/antivirus program to scan anything received. I don’t know of any scans done by Fiverr and even if they did, you can’t be sure it would catch everything. Be safe! :slight_smile: