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Please stop selling every service for 5 USD. It is very important that we keep unity among ourselves. Buyer get the benefit of paying less for everything and in turn the payout is decreasing every day. Now, just yesterday some guy made a 3D model of a very complex logo for 5 USD (i actually asked customer as he didn’t give me the project) i was asking for 40 USD.

So its a request to all freelancers. Keep your standards high. Get paid what you deserve. Otherwise haven’t we all became freelancers to earn better than jobs?
No offense


Go to other freelance sites. fiverr is meant to sell for low prices and that’s why people choose fiverr.

Agree. When this started logo design gigs used to be 100$ plus. But yet again i love the competition. I get buyers from even requests I send for over 30$ when they have 5$ offers. simply because it is all up to your talents.

Agreed 100%. Although a new come to fiverr, I must say I have starting prices from $10 for my gigs. I offer value instead of work. Ny first order was copywriting a set of 3 emails for a webinar. I charged $50 and wrote 700 words. So if you believe in yourself client pays you. The reason clients pay less is because we believe clients will run away if we told them about higher prices. No. That’s not the case. We need to increase our standards even if it means letting go $5 clients.

It happens but you really need hardwork in your initial days and later on you can change the price of your basic gig,Once you hardwork and achieve level 2 or maybe TRS
you will get sales no matter if you overprice your basic gig.

Its not about sellers its about the site itself,Which is meant to be a marketplace of $5
this basic gig price increasing thing is new and introduced some time back…

You can’t actually ask anyone to increase their prices just because your is quite high and you are facing severe competition. This is Fiverr right?

And please don’t point out sellers from a particular geographical area. It’s not like no one else outside India and Pakistan is selling complex services for $5. [Final portion no longer applicable since the OP has been required not to mention a geographical area.]

I don’t agree with you dear. I don’t know about other but i am selling some services for 5$ which i know i will complete in 5 or 10 minutes and services on which i spend half hour or more i charge extra for them.

Nationalism Syndrome. Or perhaps because of reading both the names repeatedly, you know like newspapers, TV etc. LOL.

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haha @taverr… i think so too… i apologize if i offened anyone. I am a Pakistani myself, so i know the mentality.
But i think under-selling should only be for new-comers. Pro’s should not be doing every job for $5 just because it says “fiverr”!
Thanks anyways.