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ATTENTION to all SELLERS: Beware of scam messages

I just received a message from someone, and well, seems like too good to be true so I think there is a very high possibility that this is a SCAM. I researched about it and confirmed it really is. We’ll never know what will be the outcome if you fall for this, better be cautious than sorry. That’s all take care ya’ll.

Yes, it’s a scam and would be against ToS either way. Please click report on the inbox message so Fiverr staff can ban them. Thanks!

Yeah, already did. I just want to post this because we’ll never know if someone may really fall for this.

Thanks for the advice

Yes be careful! Blessings!

i’ve got a few similar ones in past days, too good to be true as you said, so reported it right away :slight_smile: we always have to be careful, specially when things sound too good to be true.

Yes i’m also received a message from someone,