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Attn: Writers of Fiverr

Go away.

27 of you have messaged me over the past 3 days telling me to outsource my work to you.

13 of you have been abusive when I said I would not outsource.

25 of you have been sellers which have hundreds of sales under your belts already.


It wastes my time responding to your messages and then reporting you to customer support for solicitation.


Sorry to hear that Ryan. There is nothing more painful than spammers hitting your inbox every now and then. Well Everything has its pros and cons. When you created that post, I knew a flood of Meksells will hit you. I think you should request the moderators to PIN :pushpin: this post so that every one check it and get your message.
Cheers :hibiscus:


Just report them. And then, we will have loads of posts from those sellers crying over their messaging feature being disabled, even when they have been on Fiverr for years.


Yeah. All are being reported.


I’m sorry…

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I’ve had over 3 “writers” send me the same mail. I simply tell them to stop or I’ll report them.

well this hasn’t happened to me yet, but still i can imagine how much annoying this can be, well keep on reporting those sellers or better yet mention it in your profile, i don’t know if it will solve the problem but it will certainly reduce the numbers :slight_smile:

I get the same. I have a standard saved message now along the lines of “this is spam so bugger off” but nicer. Then I report and move on. It’s annoying, but a standard message that you can just quickly grab and send makes it much easier.


I am also amazed how many spam messages I have received lately. I wonder how many of these people get their accounts banned due to spamming. Don’t they know this is a bad strategy?

Every account that spams will be terminated.

Fiverr works around the clock to clean up and ultimately make Fiverr’s platform a cleaner, safer place!