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Attract buyer by a gig image

The first thing a buyer sees is our gig image, we know. So it should be professional.

  1. Use a clear background image with eye-catching color (you can use the color wheel [ I recommend canva’s color wheel ] to use multiple color combinations in an image pan).
  2. Use Gig features (not your expertise) what you are offering in the gig text.
  3. Don’t use too much text.
  4. Keep neat and clean your Gig image as much as you can.
  5. Must make image text relevant to Gig title and category.
  6. You can use an object that shows “after service effect” [that how it should be looked like after complete any of your category job]. This may blow a buyr’s mind.
  7. You can use the dimensions of 550 px/370 px for an image [or an art board] size.

Thank you.


Thanks for your valuable suggestion.