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Attracting Level 1, Level 2 and Top Level seller

Hi, Fiverr committee how are you all? Hope everybody is fine, I’m fine too but not so good. I am very disappointed…
I am working as a Digital Marketer in fiverr. I’ve been on fiber for a long time. Giving a lot of time, I’m trying a lot. I am always active but still not getting the expected results. Can’t get any order yet. That’s why I’m so frustrated. For this, I would like to draw the attention of those who have level 1, level 2 & Top level, who are constantly getting jobs but are not able to do all the work due to lack of time due to lack of Man power. I would be very benefited & happy if you let me do it. You can hire me as a sub-contract. Check out my work first then order me. If you like my work, order me only after that. I hope you all will always be by my side.
Sorry for my disappointness…

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You cannot ask other sellers to give you work. This is a great way to get a warning or banned.

This concept/idea that you are owed some level of work and others who have more need to share it with you is fundamentally unsound. Stating it like this will only make successful people less interested in you.

Fiverr is about you finding your own clients. If another seller really wanted you to sub for them, they would reach out. Mostly they won’t though as this is not what being a Freelancer is about. It is about serving your customers with your UNIQUE style.

I am a Musician & Mix Engineer. I bet if I subbed out a job to you that you would not do the work remotely like how I would have done the work. It may be great work but if it is not the way I would do it, I cannot pass that to a client who hired me for being me.

I would suggest that you abandon being a digital marketer as this post shows that you are not suited to this at all. Is there something else that you are better at than the average person? Something that some people might like to pay you to do for them? This is where you find your wins in a free-market economy.



There are a lot of people on Fiverr working as Digital Marketers.

I suspect a high percentage of them have the same skills as you and are also not seeing as much income as they believed they would see.

Maybe it’s time for you to look at the skills you have and can actually use to generate an income.

I’ve changed my direction on Fiverr and it helped.

But I only have Gigs of things I can do, not think I can do.

I hope this helps.


@benedictrm i’m very disappointed that’s why i told that​:expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:
I’m so sorry

@looseink Yes, I understand. Thank you for replying to me​:relieved::relieved:

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I am Level 2 and I have no orders, I barely made food money in December.

@rakinraihan208 The amount of sellers that have more than 5-15 orders in queue is very low and 99.9% of them do not visit this forum, for obvious reason.

You do not get more orders when you are Level 1 and 2. Usually it is opposite, you have less.

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I’m a bit confused: it’s your job as a digital marketer to know how to position and do marketing for your product.
And as a digital marketing specialist you decided that staying “always active” will help you with marketing your own gig?


It’s funny that a lot of people state they provide marketing and promotional services, yet for some reason they ask us how to rank or acquire more sales. Isn’t their own job to do that?? If you have to ask us what to do, then I would suggest a career change, like other people said.