Attractive buyer reques template


Hi guys
please recomend me some of the best buyer request template inorder to get idea from that


The best advice I can give you is DON’T use a template :wink:

Why do you wish to use a template? You’re not able to write 1500 chars on your own?
I’m also a buyer and I can tell you that I instantly delete every single template response. There are plenty of posts about using templates and most buyers are sick of these canned responses. So, don’t do it.


Maybe because English is a second language.


thanks for your valuable feed back but i want to just get an idea from that


There are no easy ways to success, and there are no templates, secrets, or specific gigs that guarantee sales. You will need to learn how to market yourself, if you wish to be successful.


I’m a on the fence about it. It’s a similar case when you ask someone to write your gig description.
On one hand if you’re a logo designer your English doesn’t have to be perfect, but if a buyer discovers communication problems at a later stage you might get a negative rating.
I’m not against using a proofreader or even a writer, but when the order starts you’re on your own :slight_smile:
There are team accounts for buyers, I wonder if they will bring in team accounts for sellers. Working as a team might be a good option. You get someone to promote your gigs, another to respond and then you do the work. Everyone gets their share depending on team account settings.

Selling your services is not easy, but I think it’s better if you copy here your last offer(with the request) and we’ll give you recommendations on what you can change. There’s no point for us to share our offers because for example I’m not even offering the same service as you do.


If that’s what you’re sending out then it’s very unlikely that you’ll get orders.

  • it’s not personalized because it doesn’t say anything about the job you’re bidding on
  • cut the “good day maddam” part
  • pay attention to grammar (basics)

It feels like a canned response from the first sentence. That’s exactly why you should not look for templates.


It looks like someone saw his message and thought he was spamming the forum when in fact he was showing what he sends people after you requested to see it.


Yep, he should have added some context what it is :smiley:
People tend to read the first and the last message